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Subject: People of the Skull Campaign – Year Seven rss

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Phoenix Bird
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Quietly confident, buoyed by their ritual, Aug the half blind with a bad back, his brother Bug painted in blood, Hug (who was a little strange) and Aug’s daughter Xuggina set of in search of easy to kill Antelope. It was so easy to kill that something had already done it, a Cunning Lion. It was bigger than anything they had seen before and they all let out a whisper of fear.
But they needn’t have worried. Hug’s rushing about painting and the wisdom of their Inner Lantern style made short work of the lion. Everyone got stuck in, even Xuggina with her bare hands, making her father proud.
Not only did they bag a larger than normal Lion but they had a few bits of undigested Antelope. As they got back it began to rain. A strange rain that dissolved the rocks exposing more minerals which got turned into Sculptures. Aug was keen to get busy on some weapons but a strange shiny feather floated down. Hug caught it as everyone held their breath and wore it in his hair. Lovely.
They prayed at the Shrine and felt Armoured. Xuggina persuaded her father to let her undergo the Scarification and it turns out she is quite Tough. Like the Leather that Mrs Zugetta made using Fug’s posthumous recipe.

An unexpected Lion was a shock but it went down surprisingly easily. The Bone Earrings make quite a dent and Surge letting us attack twice per round with Dash keeping up with the Lion is a great combo.
I did fear when I drew Acid Storm as my event, but I got a good roll. With only 5 survivors the Great Lantern has taken pity on us it seems.
The Phoenix table caused me some stress as that has instant death on it. But again the Great Lantern gave me a terrific result and a Phoenix Feather!

I innovated Sculpture as that leads to Barber Surgeon that I have never unlocked before so I am looking forward to seeing that, assuming I last with only 5 (incredibly hard) survivors. I only have two Innovations that use Endeavours, so with nothing to build currently I am finding it hard to use them up. I Shrined and Scarred, which is always frightening. I don’t want to Augury in case I get Intimate and lose people. My Ugs are pretty tough at this point although there is a King’s Man around the corner. My last Endeavour which I struggled with I used to make 3 lots of leather for the Drum, Sickle and Pickaxe in future. After I invent Drums and Ammonia obviously

Year Eight
Another Antelope was their Quarry. Why take the risk they thought?
Something had scared the Antelope off and they had to travel much further than usual, towards an Overwhelming Darkness they had never seen before…
Passing gooey pools, not witnessing a stampede they could not remember, they arrived at the sight of their first hunt. Aug and Bug reminisced, mostly about Aug’s back problems and they wished they invented some kind of oral history so they could tell people about it.
Then they came upon a Tomb. As the Ugs ate their dead they didn’t know what the strange but Excellent stone building was. But they definitely weren’t afraid of it.
Into the Darkness. Where they Overwhelmed? Pretty much yes. From that moment forward Xuggina would forever be fidgeting.
The fight was over very quickly. There were some piles of debris that they found some bone swords in. Only Xuggina wondered where they had come from. The beast was nearly dead from Bug’s powerful knuckledusters so they all had to rush forward to gather the herbs and get a hit in on the beast (how else does an Ug learn?) before it expired.
When the Quartet returned another trader was visiting Uggtopia. Mrs Zugetta was up in arms about how she couldn’t get a thing done with all these callers arriving at every hour. The trader couldn’t seem to communicate to the Ugs what a dentist was so she left empty handed.
There was much inventing with the birth of Pottery and Barbarism. As in cutting men’s hair, with a bit of home surgery thrown in for good measure.
Hug tried to go and find some more strange metal but got scared by something and came back quick. They prayed at the shrine and off they went.

When I saw that Hunt Card it was brown trousers time! It became a Level 2 Hunt.

Now I know there is a way to reduce your gear back to its components. Shame it has a 1 in 100 chance of being found again. Likewise with visiting the sight of your first hunt. Some nice non-lethal Hunt Events. But Overwhelming Darkness sucks.

Nine wounds in a single attack using beast Knuckle and Blood Paint. Bug had to retreat and let everyone else get a wound in to tick their weapon proficiency. It’s tempting to go to level two Monsters but I am an extremely cautious player and those two resources aren’t worth it.

Phew! Another benign event. Last campaign I got all the bad events and rolled poorly leading to lots of deaths and me very unhappy. This time seems to be the opposite. With so little population I am very happy.

Barber Surgeon is where ALL the good stuff is. You can in theory get to it in three years and I would recommend it. Finally I know what a Scavenger Kit is and boy do I love it. The Elder Earrings are great if you have a new survivor who needs to catch up. I don’t sadly. But might after the Kingsman showdown.
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