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Subject: Copenhagen in Flames III – Report 4 (M/A 1940) rss

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Jesper Noget
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Game report M/A 40

Initiative was won by the axis, and they decided to go first.
Game report is written by Mads (USSR and France)

1. Impulse Weather was modified 12, global fine.
The axis started off by declaring war on Belgium (1 chit)and Greece (0 chits). They aligned Bulgaria (1 chit). Belgium setup in Liege and Antwerpen, so that Germany could not just walk into Bruxelles. The fighter and CA in Bel. Congo.
Greece set the inf and MTN, so that there was Zoc in allmost all the hexes next to The Italian Sea. The navy in Crete and Lemnos, out of range from port strikes.
Germany taking a land action, Japan a land action and Italy a naval action.
Germany made two attacks in Belgium, Liege = auto, Antwerpen suffered a ground strike with no units being flipped. But Ge managed a +17 assault on Antwerpen due to a lot of bombers.
The Italian tried to sail the frogmen to Gibraltar, having a CV with CVP in port. But it was intercepted by the CA Canberra and sunk.
It sailed two TRS loaded with two GE inf to Tirana. And they sailed two CA’s loaded with two GE inf div’s to the Italian Sea, for safety they brought a big chunk of the italien navy and a nav to the Italian Sea. They flew the Ge Nav to East Med.
The ensuing naval searches/battles resulted in sinking of a It CP in Italian Sea, and the Italian NAV being shot down. This resulted in the loss of supply to the Greek campaign, except from the Bulgarians who walked inland. In west med the result was a sunken French CA in exchange for a Italian CP.
In China, the Japanese attacked Sian with the result of 19 (rolled 10 in +9 attack), 2 more dead Japanese (incl. the ENG) and 2 Chinese, but Si-An still in Chinese hands.

2. Impulse
France taking a land, shuffling over the border into Belgium and moving around in Africa.
CW taking a land also moved over the border from France and into Belgium. In Greece the two Greek units moved closer to Athens.
Russia continued sending more troops against the Finish border.
China repairing lines, filling Si-An up with a full stack again.

3. Impulse
Weather 4 Sn St R
Germany taking a combined relocating some ships in the Baltic, taking Bruxelles. Moving further inland in Greece. No attacks.
Italy taking a combined, sailing yet another CP in the Italian Sea, they are down to 2 CP’s and not having built any yet.
Some searches in the Med, but no naval battles.

4. Impulse
France and CW taking both a naval, sailing in force in the Italian Sea and East Med, with the Queens coming from South Africa transporting the Cape Town MIL.
The resulting naval battless, ended up with a saved damage to the Queens aborting to Athens and a damaged Italian sub.
CW took to convoy duty and sailing his TRS around the world loaded with infantry.
Strategic bombardment of GE resulted in 1 PP loss.

5. Impulse Weather 9 R F F
Hungary was aligned in the war due to the risk of the allies aligning Yugoslavia in future turns. 3 GE units were railed to Hungary and Italy.
Axis took advantage of the fine weather and attacked 2 French units, resulting in a /2B. In the process they shot down a french fighter and a LND-3.
The Italians sent out 5 CA’s in the West Med, but the search resulted in 8 surprise points for the allies sending a CP to the wet grave and damaged a couple of CA’s. The Italians aborted to port. Italian search in East Med resulted in 3 consecutive battles with between 2 and 4 surprise points to the Italians each time, result was one lost CW CP, 1 sunk French BB and a damaged French BB. No loss for the Italians. But the allies managed to stay out in the East Med with 3 CP’s.

Possible turn end on a 2 but rolled 5.

6. Impulse
The French moved back from Belgium licking the wounds.
CW did a port attack on the last remaining Italian CP, rolled a 10, but the Italians rolled a 9. So due to the CP being in a minor port and the CW flying from a 4’box, CW managed to send the CP to the bottom.
CW landing an Inf div in Greece hex in northern Greece threating to walk on the Bulgarian res and the rail link sending the Turkish res to GE.
China and Japan had a starring contest around Si-An, but no combat and no dice rolling.
Otherwise a calm impulse.

Possible turn end at 3 but rolled 7.

7. Impulse rolled 9 R F F (3 fine impulses in M/A, glad he didn’t go for France first)
GE taking a +8 Blitz at res hex next to Metz, rolling 10 /R half flip. First hex in France sending the units to the Maginot, not towards Paris.
The two Bulgarian units in Greece seeing the risk of losing production and finding out that they were Oos, moved back towards Bulgaria.
Italians sending out fighters in West Med. and searching in East Med, but no combat.

Possible turn end at 4 rolled 2. Initiative moves at 0/0 with ties won by the allies.

Superb weather in 3 impulses seeing the Germans breach France, the French air being shot down.
War on Greece, alignment of Bulgaria and Hungary, made the turn very interesting, and truth be told they took the allies by surprise. But focused attacks on the Italians CP, resulting of none left and the two Italian TRS laying in Tirana OoS makes the Greek campaign a bit tricky.
But for now the Germans hasn’t lost any land units (except for Kiel Mil) and the cost 3 fighter (pilot was rescued). The allied strategic bombardment hasn’t worked at all (so far we have only hit for 3 PP all in all).
So a big German who has breach in to France in M/A, is not a very good sign for the allies.
But then again, how much is the Balkans going to cost in BP’s and time, nobody knows for sure.
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