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I have this posted to the meetup groups....

If you wish to attend please RSVP to one of those if possible, if not possible then feel free to shoot me a geek mail message. FWIW I'm about 2 miles from the Lake Mary Blvd exit off I-4.

Here's a cut/paste of the event description...

I thought it would be interesting to "feature" a different game designer each gaming session... it does not mean we will only play games by that designer, and it's possible we don't play any games by the featured designer, but I hope to get at least one game by that designer to the table if I can.

This week the featured designer is Reiner Knizia, aka "The Good Doctor" because he is a Doctor (PhD in mathematics). His first published game, Gold Digger, came out in 1990, ... yes 25 years ago! German born (1957) but now living in England. Some will say (and I tend to agree) that his best designs are behind him, but those designs imho still stand out (in order of decreasing rank on BGG)....

Tigris & Euphrates (1997), Ra (1999), Samurai (1998), Battle Line (2000), Amun-Re (2003), Modern Art (1992), Taj Mahal (2000), Ingenious (2004), Lost Cities (1999), Through the Desert (1998), Medici (1995), Blue Moon City (2006), Carcassonne: The Castle (2003), Traumfabrik (2000, aka "Dream Factory", aka "Hollywood Blockbuster"), ....

I believe I have all these games here... let me know if you are interested in playing/learning any of these and I'll make sure I'm refreshed on the rules (Samurai is probably the one I haven't played in a long time... and fwiw a new edition came out this year).

I'll provide some snacks, something for dinner, and bottled water. Folks are welcome to byob (yes, alcohol is allowed) and snacks (or more) if they wish but not required.

The games I have here are listed over at

I do have cats so if you have allergies please make sure you take your allergy meds. Do note that I always vacuum the day of, and I have *no* carpets or cloth furniture to minimize cat dander (I'm allergic to cats, among other things, as well).

Game on!

ps: more info on this designer can be found at Reiner Knizia
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