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Christopher Richter
United States
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Earlier last week it was brought to my attention that Mattel had released a card game version of famous Mojang game Minecraft. Minecraft: Card Game? is a resource collection & hand management game for two to four players, ages 8 years & up, & plays in about thirty minutes.

At the beginning of the game each one of the resource cards will be shuffled together and dealt face down into five piles of fifteen cards. After they are dealt face down, each pile is then turned face up. Then all of the crafting cards are shuffled & dealt face down into four piles of six cards each. One crafting card will be left out & discarded.

In Minecraft: Card Game there are five basic resource cards: diamond, iron, gold, stone, & wood. Each one of the basic resource cards has a number value posted on them. This value represents how many pieces that the resource is worth in trade value for crafting.

There are also three special resource cards: TNT, Creepers, & wild cards. Wild cards can be used as any of the five basic resource cards. TNT cards when mined give the player the opportunity to take the top card from each one of the four other piles of cards. That player then keeps two of those cards & discards the rest. When a Creeper card is revealed each player must then discard one card from their hand along with the revealed Creeper card.

The object of the game is to score the amount of points listed per how many players that are playing the game. In a 2-player game it will be twenty-four points, 3-player is twenty points, & 4-player is sixteen points.

At the beginning of the game each player has exactly two actions to use. A player can spend one action on the following: mining, crafting, or reserving a card.

Mining a card means that a player can take the top card of one of the five resource piles & adds it to their hand. As long as a player has actions to take they can mine that many times if they wish.

The crafting action allows a player to discard the amount of resources needed to craft one of the top cards of the resource piles. This may mean that the player has to discard three wood to craft a wooden sword. Once taken, the crafting card remains face up in front of that player.

The reserving a card action also costs one action point. The player using the action can take one the top card from one of the crafting piles. That player then places it into the nifty little Minecraft block representing their player color. That player may then spend an action sometime in the future to pay resources to craft that card.

Crafting cards is the key to winning this game. On each of the crafting cards is a number value that represents how many points that card is worth. Also a tool icon is listed on each of the crafting cards. Each of these tools may be used as a free action at any time.

The tools are swords, hoes, pickaxes, axes, & shovels. The hoe can be used to discard each of the top cards from the resource decks. Swords can be discard to protect the player from discarding a card from hand when the Creeper card is revealed. Using a shovel forces an opponent to lose an action. The axe allows the player to use that card as two wood resources. And a pickaxe enables that player to gain one extra action on their turn.

Now tools can only be used once. However, when used they are turned face down showing their tool action side. They do remain in front of that player & still count towards their point score.

Minecraft: Card Game? reminds my of a basic resource management game.It has a more simplistic feel of Splendor. Just in the fact that you are given an action to take a resource, spend a resource to take a card that'll give you points, or even to reserve a card.

Overall it was a simple, cheap, & fast game to play. It is a familiar theme that kids or PC gamers would sit around & play with. The game could also be used as quick filler game between two heavier games. I picked it up for $12.99 from Target so it definitely didn't strain the wallet.

If you like card games & Minecraft then pick it up. Watch out for those Creepers & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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