Jean Sexton
United States
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A Galactic Smorgasbord of new empires, rules, scenarios, and weapons:
Paravians with quantum wave torpedoes
Vudar with ion cannons
Stonefish drones
High energy decelerations
Drag space
New ships for empires in Module C4 (Flivver, Delta, Britainian, Canadi'en)
Frax X-ships
Orion Rank Insignia
Skill modifiers for Prime Directive One
Outlines of future products
And a working prototype of the Star Fleet Marines ground combat game.

This product was published in 1995 as a playtest module. Some of the concepts have been revised and published; some have only seen the light of day here. To use the Star Fleet Battles portions, you must have the Basic Set. Other portions require the primary rulebook for the base game such as Federation & Empire or Prime Directive One.

This book is available as an ebook from the following sources:
Warehouse 23:

Wargame Vault:

It is available as a reprint with a B&W cover directly from ADB:
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