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Hello! I will happily answer any questions.

---Board Game Haves---

CoC LCG core box

Monsters Menace America

Runebound 2nd w/expansions Rise of the Rune-Cult, The Cataclysm, and Avatrs of Kelnov.

Sentinels of the Multiverse base set most expansions check my geeklist for sure, I think every expansion up until "Vengeance" including the solo expansion packs like Ambuscade and Miss Information, as well as a new Haka promo from the latest Gencon.

Lord of the Rings Risk, Return of the King edition

Box o' Heroclix. Some leftovers of me ebaying but some good stuff. Can list if interested or just assume $20 for the lot

---Warhammer Fantasy Haves---

Various Warriors of Chaos stuff, Chimera, 3 or so chariots etc. will list if interest peaks. I alao have lots of models from the beautiful Avatars Of War line, a few sorcerers a chaos lord w/sword + shield plus 32 of their nurgle chaos warriors with two handed weapons. WFB died before I got most of these even assembled sadly.

Pathfinder mini "count as" stuff. Some trolls, some large demons, various stuff so if interested ask.

I also have the models of the two Glotkin that come with big guy Ghurk.

---Warhammer 40k---

Chaos Daemon Codex + Tactical cards

Chaos Lord on Bike w/sword well painted, metal

Chaos Sorcerer on Bike w/staff very well painted, plastic. I believe this guy is 1k Sons style from his backpack and color scheme.

Old style metal chaos predator painted, pretty sure Lascannons on sides and turret.

---RPG Book Haves---
Dresden Files RPG: Your Story (corebook)

Feng Shui 2015

Reign Enchridion rulebook

Dungeon Crawl Classics core

Shadows of Esteren corebook

nWod Larp core blue hardback
nWod Larp red hardback Requim
oWod Larp Laws of the Hunt (Revised, Red Cover)
oWod Larp Anarch Guide

nWod Mage the Awakening (water damaged but not awful)
nWod Werewolf the Foresaken
nWod Vampire the Requim
nWod World of Darkness Corebook

FantasyCraft 2nd print run

Star Wars Saga Force Unleashed
Star Wars Saga Core

DnD 3rd Draconomicon

Star Wars d20 Ultimate Alien Anthology

DC Adventures Heroes Handbook (Mutans & Masterminds)



Devestation Extended


-Golem Arcana-

Tidal Lord
Sun Viper

-Sentinel Tactics-
All 4 Map expansions

-Fury of Dracula 3rd Ed-

-SW Armada-
Imperial Star Destroyer x2
Imperial Raider x4

Rogues and Villains

Home One x2
MC30c x3

-Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers-
Core set

-Nightlife Role Playing Game-
3rd Ed corebook
All supplements except Night Moves

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