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Turn 19: 18/06, Morning (French morale 5, Allied morale 6)
Weather = Clear, Improving

(random event = ‘Napoleon’s hat’. French player decides to commit Guard for free)
With time fast running out, the French forces decide on a concerted assault: Gerard and Garde to engage Hill, with Res Art and Reille to engage Orange as Kellermann moves to engage Reserve with both Exelmans and Pahol to engage Uxbridge as Milhaud drops back towards Sombreff with d’Erlon closing in on Mont St. Guibert.

Uxbridge countercharges Kellermann, but are themselves routed 2 hexes, immediately failing the hazardous retreat roll (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale) as Kellermann loses command control and advances after combat.

Gerard and Garde combine to attack Hill, remaining engaged (-1 French morale for Guard unable to advance). Kellermann attacks Reserves, forcing Reserves to withdraw and advancing after combat. Garde and Res Art combine to attack (now surrounded) Orange (who still have Good Ground!), forcing them to withdraw through Reserve: a hazardous retreat which they promptly fail and so break (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale) and with Reille advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Allied desertions’. Associated roll = -1 Allied morale)
Bulow moves along road east of Sombreff, with Thielmann and Zieten both moving towards Plancenoit.

Kellermann countercharges Reserves, forcing Reserve to withdraw and advancing after combat.

Reserves attack Kellermann, remaining engaged. Finally, Hill (is forced to) attack Gerard, Garde and Reille and are broken outright (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale), with Reille advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 19

Turn 20: 18/06, Mid-day (French morale 7, Allied morale 2)
Weather = Cloudy, Improving

(random event = ‘Intelligence Gathering’. Next card will be ‘Frederick’s Corp’)
Gerard moves to engage Reserve, with Res Art moving through Quatre-Bras towards Genappe as Garde heads towards Sombreff, d’Erlon towards Wavre past Mont St. Guibert, Milhaud to Sombreff, Cadre to Tilly and Pajol and Exelmann both towards Plancenoit.

Gerard, Reille and Kellermann combine to attack Hill, breaking them outright (+1 French morale, -1 Allied morale, and leaving the Prussians on their own), with Kellermann losing command control and advancing after combat. Milhaud the attacks Bulow, remaining engaged.

(random event = ‘Frederick’s Corp’. No effect as already occurred)
Thielmann moves towards La Haye Sainte as Zieten drops back to Wavre.

Bulow attacks Milhaud, forcing Milhaud out of Sombreff and advancing after combat.

Situation attend of turn 20

Turn 21: 18/06, Afternoon (French morale 8, Allied morale 1)
Weather = Clear, Improving

(random event = ‘Just like the old days’. Associated roll = can commit reserves without paying)
The French player spends a morale point to force march (- French morale), allowing Garde to move to engage Bulow (by moving down road from Quatre-Bras, and able to commit for free as Allies are on a single morale point), with d’Erlon moving towards Chappelle St. Lambert, Res Art towards La Haye Sainte, Exelmans to Plancenoit as Pajol move to their west and as Kellermann, Reille and Gerard all head towards La Haye Sainte.

Milhaud and Garde (who commit reserves, for free) combine to attack Bulow, forcing Bulow to withdraw over the river outside Sombreff: a hazardous retreat, which they make safely as Mikhaud loses command control and advances after combat.

(random event = ‘Steady, lads!’ +1 Allied morale)
Thielmann moves to Hougoumont, with Zieten moving to engage d’Erlon.

Milhaud disengages from Bulow, who opts not to advance.

Zieten attacks d’Erlon, forcing d’Erlon to withdraw and advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 21

Turn 22: 18/06, Dusk (French morale 7, Allied morale 2)
Weather = Showers, Worsening

(random event = ‘A change in the weather’. Hence the worsening! Cards reshuffled)
Milhaud moves to engage Bulow, as does Garde (-1 French morale for early Guard commital), with Cadre heading towards Sombreff. Further north, Kellermann moves to engage Thielmann (another -1 French morale), as do Res Art and Pajol. Exelmann then moves to Zieten, with Reille heading towards La Haye Sainte and Gerard towards Plancenoit.

Exelmann and d’Erlon combine against Zieten, with both attackers forced to withdraw and with Zieten advancing after combat. Garde and Milhaud combine to attack Bulow, routing Bulow 4 hexes (-1 Allied morale), back to the LoC outside Sombreff, with Bulow making the hazardous retreat roll safely as Milhaud advances after combat. Finally, Kellermann, Res Art and Pajol all combine to attack Theilmann, routing them 3-1 hexes back to Waterloo, with Kellermann pursuing and Pajol advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Just like to old days’. Associated roll = opponent may reduce any required retreat by 1 hex)
With no units able or willing to move, it’s straight to reaction phase

Exelmann countercharges Zieten, but are themselves forced to withdraw, with Zieten then advancing into Chappelle St. Lambert.

Zieten attacks Exelmann, remaining engaged. Finally, Thielmann attacks Kellermann, forcing Kellermann to withdraw.

Situation at end of turn 22

Turn 23: 18/06, Evening (French morale 5, Allied morale 1)
Weather = Cloudy, Improving

(random event = ‘A change in the weather’. Hence the Cloudy, Improving. Cards reshuffled)
d’Erlon moves to engage Zieten as Gerard moves towards Wavre and as Reille, Res Art, Pajol and Kellermann all move to engage Thielmann (in Waterloo). Further south, Garde and Milhaud both move to engage Bulow, with Cadre moving into Sombreff.

d’Erlon and Exelmann combine to attack Zieten (in Chappelle St. Lambert), with both attackers forced to withdraw. Garde and Milhaud attack Bulow, but are also both forced to withdraw, with Garde failing hazardous retreat and so breaking instead (-1 French morale, +1 Allied morale, then another -1 French morale for Guard unable to advance). Finally, Kellermann, Pajol, Reille and Res Art all combine to attack Thielmann, suffering a costly exchange (morale +/- cancel out) of Res Art with Thielmann and with Kellermann losing command control and advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Steady, lads!’ +1 Allied morale)
Bulow moves to engage Cadre (in Sombreff) as Zieten moves to engage Exelmans

Exelmans countercharges Zieten, forcing Zieten to withdraw (back to Chappelle St. Lambert) and advancing after combat.

Bulow attacks Cadre, routing Cadre 4 hexes (-1 French morale) and (re)capturing Sombreff. Finally, Zieten attacks Exelmans, forcing Exelmans to withdraw.

Situation at end of turn 23

Turn 24: 18/06, Night (French morale 2, Allied morale 3)
Weather = Showers, Improving

(random event = ‘Intelligence Gathering’. Next card will be ‘A change in the weather’)
Gerard moves on Wavre, as do both Exelmans and d’Erlon. Further west, Kellermann moves on the Allied LoC outside Waterloo, with Reille moving through that location and Pajol into the same. Further south, Milhaud moves to Velaine.

Overnight, Garde remains broken with Vandamme rallying in Genappe, while Res Art is still broken. French forces then drive Allied morale down by 1 (-1 Allied morale) for holding Waterloo, before regaining a point from rest (+1 French morale).

(random event = ‘A change in the weather’. Weather trend marker flipped)
The Allies decide to forego movement phase.

Overnight, Pirch rallies in the LoC outside Sombreff, with Thielmann remaining broken as Reserve rallies in the LoC outside Waterloo, Orange remains broken as does Uxbridge and Hill is eliminated for good. The Allies then drive down the French morale by 1 for holding Sombreff (-1 French morale), before regaining 2 points from rest (+2 Allied morale), ending the game in annAllied marginal victory (French morale 2, Allied morale 4)!

Situation at end of game

Final Thoughts

And so, despite capturing Waterloo, the French forces were unable to consolidate their gains, with the Emperor soon deposed and sent into exile once more …

Regarding this replay, despite both sides teetering on the edge of outright defeat, neither side was able to land the telling blow, with (for the Allies) Orange putting up a sterling defensive position in Quatre-Bras while (for the French) Reille seemed to do most of the heavy lifting: indeed, it took about 3 days for the French to (finally) break past Quatre-Bras. It probably didn't help that the French forces were also slow to cross the Sambre river, with a traffic-jam of units building up, giving the Allies time to create just such a strong defence in and around Quatre-Bras – based on this replay (alone), the battle would have went down in history as the Quatre-Bras campaign rather than the Waterloo campaign!

Morale over course of battle

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Alan Emrich
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What an awesome replay!!

Alan Emrich
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