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Subject: [Custom Script] Basic Tragedy - Hysteria rss

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Sam Eley
United Kingdom
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Here's my first script I'm uploading to BGG! Pretty proud of this one. It's tough, but fun, and I think it has a nice arc to it.

Set - Basic Tragedy
Difficulty - 5 out of 8
Loops - 3 *
Days - 6

1 _______
2 Suicide
3 Suicide
4 Murder
5 _______
6 Butterfly Effect

*I've only played this with 3 loops. I think 4 might work if you wanted an easier game, but it'd make it a long game and very tough for the mastermind.

Spoiler (click to reveal)

Script Name: Hysteria

An evil corporation controls the entire world. Started by a man who used to be a lowly Henchman, we need to go back in time to either befriend him, or murder him. But he knows we're onto him. He's sent his daughter back as well, and if we don't convince her to help us then there's nothing we can do. We just need to get in, do the job, and survive. Should be easy. Right?

Plot: Change of Future
Subplot 1: Threads of Fate
Subplot 2: Love Affair

Rich Man's Daughter - Time Traveller
Patient - Lover
Alien - Loved One
Informer - Cultist
Mystery Boy - Serial Killer
Henchman - Person
Nurse - Person
Pop Idol - Person
Journalist - Person

Day 2 - Suicide - Rich Man's Daughter
Day 3 - Suicide - Mystery Boy
Day 4 - Murder - Nurse
Day 6 - Butterfly Effect - Henchman

Victory conditions for the mastermind:
Butterfly Effect occurring
Time Traveller not having 3 goodwill on her
Loved One killing the protagonists

Hints for the mastermind:
- There are 3 girls you can put 2 intrigue on to make it look like you're playing Sign with me. The pop idol is probably best for this.
- Or instead, you could try putting intrigue down in the shrine, possibly using your cultist to ignore forbid intrigue. Be careful not to give away her identity though because she's the hardest one to figure out for the final guess
- The Henchman is VERY easily panicked, especially since we're playing threads of fate, but there are loads of ways the protagonists can deal with it. Putting goodwill on him, using goodwill abilities of the nurse and pop idol and killing him with the alien (goodwill ability), nurse (murder incident) or mystery boy (serial killer).
- Try using the murder on day 4 to kill the patient, making sure you've already got your intrigue on the alien.
-Keep the identity of the mystery boy hidden for as long as possible. If they accidentally get him alone with the Alien, the Rich Man's Daughter or the Henchman, you're kind of screwed.
- You really don't want the Rich Man's Daughter to attempt suicide, so forbid paranoia on the first 2 days if you have to.
- Having the mystery boy commit suicide on day 3 can be helpful if you want to hide his identity, but if you're attempting to kill the patient, don't count on the nurse being able to do it.
- When the Henchman does the butterfly effect, put goodwill on the henchman so he'll start with paranoia next loop. If you're feeling daring, you can also try putting it on the nurse, the alien or the mystery boy.

This is a tough script but winnable, both during the loops and on the final guess. Goodwill is hugely important, and if the protagonists try to use the Rich Man's Daughter goodwill ability early in the game then they'll be rewarded. If you wanted to play this with 4 loops, you could add in a foul evil incident (either by the alien or the patient) on day 5 to make it tougher for the protagonists, but I haven't playtested this.

I had a really great time playing this with my friends and they all said that they would have had no idea it wasn't an official script if I hadn't told them. Hope you guys enjoy
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Sam Eley
United Kingdom
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If anyone ever plays this, let me know if you had fun with it! I've now played it a few times with different groups and it works great.
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