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Subject: My past self is an idiot rss

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Adam Gastonguay
United States
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Act Three! Everybody Dies!
Because of the recent glut of posts on Solitaire Games on Your Table about this game, I decided to set it up in my dedicated solo space in my basement. I chose two non-connected tiles to create a longer difficult adventure with three avatars. I had to do quite a bit of rule checking as I hadn't played in several months, but it came back quickly and I got into the groove of things.

Some things of note: An Invulnerable Lychanthrope destroyed my Fate Weaver. Yeah, not sure why I bothered to fight with it. Seemed like a good idea at the time. My Life Weaver fought a Reptoid with Vitality. Great matchup. My Shard Master also blew up fighting...something that I can't remember, but we all still have quite a bit of loot, so I should start banding together and taking on Guardians (nothing like the Biting Shield to slap them around some).

Man, I had forgotten how much fun this one is.

Edit Well, that escalated quickly. Before I knew it, an 11 life Shadow popped out of a gate on the map sheet that I had just vacated my last avatar from. Oops. Time to bring my band back. Not thinking, I kept them banded together when I should have kept them apart so that I was more likely to have at least one avatar show up to attack the Shadow and decrease the likelihood of....well...what's about to happen.

Anyway, the nearest Stronghold naturally held the Lightwell because me, so Enter Big Bad. Big Bad moves pretty fast for a jerk. My party was still slogging through the swamps, trying to return. They finally found the gate, hopped through and were quickly moving down the road to meet the Big Jerk (I like that better). He reached the Stronghold first and found....

Quick aside. So when setting up I played on the "easy" level, which allows you to flip one Stronghold per map and get 1d2 potions and 1d2 Treasures for doing so. I did it, but out of sheer luck (because me) I flipped both light wells. So I gathered all six Strongholds, shuffled them and reset them. "But what," my past self said "will happen if I put both light wells on the same map?" My past self shrugged his stupid shoulders. "I'm sure it won't make a difference."

So when we finally invent time travel, I know to go back in time to that moment and slap my past self with whatever will be deemed awfully embarrassing by my future self.

Anyway, Big Jerk immediately found the second light well and set to draining it dry. We were ONE HEX away when he became successful, plunging the world into darkness.

Thanks a lot, past self.
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