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Subject: New Faction: Scorgs rss

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Tyler Brownwell
United States
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(WARNING: this is a work in progress)

Back Story: The Scorgs are a race of aggressive authority. They believe that their sector of the galaxy is in threat of a chaotic outbreak - Mars being the epicenter. They wish to exterminate the threat to the cosmic balance.

Overview: The Scorg's faction consists of three mothership type vessels, each allocated to Air, Infantry, and Armor units. The Building title and characteristic is given to all of the vessels. Each vessel can be upgraded in three areas: Shields, Initiative, and Attack. In order to upgrade your vessels you must place resources down as energy.

Upgrades: Upgrades found on the faction board next to each of the three vessels. In order to upgrade the vessels you will need power. Power is created by placing a card down as resource on the generator which during construction will produce two power. You will them give power to the vessels and upgrades you want.

Shields: (Cost/Shield Strength) 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5

When in the battle line, if hits go through, first the shields are depleted before the units are hit. So if an air unit is hit, before any units are lost the shields of the vessel must be removed. The thing here is, once a hit goes through, you administer an additional hit to units from any force of that type. So if hits go through on an Infantry unit, they will be able to inflict another hit if there is another unit of that type on the battle line. This is because they are essentially from the same vessel and get damaged.

Initiative: (Cost/Initiative value for all units of the vessels type) 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 6/4, 7/attack twice first always

This is a huge negative but also a blessing in disguise for the Scorg because all of their units start out with 0 Initiative which is terrible. In order for units to even start performing well is after spending 5 power, which doesn't sound like much but that is essentially three turns just to make your units perform like all other factions. Significant draw back. But you have the ability to give all you units 3 Initiative which basically gives you the ability, even when defending, to roll first. Huge. And for those that like to focus on one type of force can have a chance at attacking twice per force. Nothing to mess with.

Attack: (Cost/Type and addition to attacks of all units of the vessel type) 1/+1 vs. Buildings, 2/+1 vs. Air, 4/+1 vs. Armor and Infantry, 4/+1 to positional modifiers, 6/+2 on all ratings vs. enemy flanking units

Similar to the pilots in the Colossus factions in which it gives +1 ratings to all units, but here you have the ability to build it. Although, its only going to be for that given unit type.

Vessel Command Room

Vessel Command Rooms can be given to each of the vessels, but only one can be given to a vessel at a time. These special buildings can be upgrade similarly to the Vessels themselves in that the levels before need to be paid for in order for the higher upgrades to be obtained. Command Rooms only give their enhancements to the given vessels units.

Battle Line and a Reorganization

When placing forces in the battle line, they must be touching at least one force of the same unit type. Forces may only flank units of the same type. During reorganization if a unit becomes unengaged, it can only move into a another position if the above rule is followed.


Scorgs lack the girth of a base, hence lack of base defense units. Scorgs in response use pods. There are two types of pods: Defense Pods, and Shockwaves.

Defense pods have two used (three including as a resource). It can first be placed as a regular building down in front of you. Here you can place resources on it as usual and construct them during construction. They also can be placed during emergency defense, which will build all four units on it immediately and can be place in the battle line.

Shockwaves are strickly place down as a building and can construct units on them. Although, these do not have attack ratings, instead they give special bonuses to every unit in the battle line - including enemy units. These must be in the battle line in order to gain their affect.

Both Shockwaves and Defense pods have flexibility in that they do not need to be placed into the battle line. You decide when pods enter the battle during your reorganization step.

These are just some ideas and I will take any suggestions.


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Geoffrey Engelstein
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Pit Crew avaialble now! The Expanse coming in October!
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Neat! I look forward to checking this out in more detail.

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