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Todd Warnken
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More Than Valor is a supplement for Silent Death adding more detail and complexity. This 112 page book was written by Leland Erickson. Miniatures for the units are available separately.

This expansion to Silent Death focuses on the role-playing and campaign aspects of the game. The book starts off with a history of fighter aces throughout the 20th century and into the future. It talks about the evolution of tactics from the First World War up to the modern age.

This book adds skill levels 11 and 12 for all crew. There is also an alternative point cost for skill levels. The lower levels are cheaper while the high levels cost more. An alternative method for determining initiative uses different types of dice instead of a die roll modifier. A level 5 pilot would roll 1D6 while a level 8 pilot would roll 1D8. New design options for warhounds can make it easier or harder to kill crew.

To further penalize ships built without armor a revised method for rolling critical hits is in this supplement. If a fighter without armor takes a critical hit you roll 1D12 instead of 2D6 (a 1 becomes a 7). This increases the chance of a really bad critical such as pilot killed from 1 in 36 to 1 in 12. For gunboats you would roll 1D8 instead of 2D4 (a 1 becomes a 5).

An experience point system is included. Points are awarded for many achievements from winning initiative (1 point) to destroying an escort with cannons or missiles (50 points). The points can be spent to improve skills (24 points are needed to improve your piloting skill from level 7 to level 8) or gain special skills and quirks (10 points and up).

Special skills have three levels of proficiency. Skills include Marksman (+1 to +3 to all cannon fire), and Aggressive Pilot (+1 to +3 to initiative rolls). Quirks are idiosyncrasies that can be positive or negative. A positive one is “Always Checks His Six”; this quirk allows a pilot to make turns after all other ships have moved. A negative quirk is “Hyena” where the pilot keeps attacking the first wounded enemy and will not change targets until it is destroyed. All of the skills and quirks have a point cost if you want to use them in a single battle. While negative quirks give you a rebate in points it costs you experience points to remove it from your character.

A biography of famous fighter crews for each house shows how the new skills and quirks can personalize characters in the game giving it a role-playing aspect. Each house has certain skills/quirks it will favor and others it will avoid showing the cultural and tactical differences between the various factions. If I were setting up a Silent Death campaign I would definitely use this system. It gives more incentive to keep your crew alive as you can improve their proficiency in combat.

The three scenarios feature legendary aces and crew with special skills and quirks. A list of all option rules is included which gathers all the optional rules from the various expansions. It even tells you the book and page where the rule was printed. Another nice aid is the list of all ship display errata (unfortunately there are a lot of ships listed) and corrections for various rules. The errata can also be found at

This wouldn’t be a Silent Death supplement if it didn’t have new ships and many are included. Most of them are refits to existing designs.
The Black Widow II has two 5 barrel pulse lasers, a dual meld laser, 6 barrel splattergun, missile launcher, and ten torpedoes.
The Death Wind III has an ion ram, two impulse guns, and four torpedoes.
The Drakar EX is missile happy with eight missile launchers. It also has an ion ram, four dual pulse lasers, and 19 torpedoes.
The Night Hawk EX trades the meld laser and some armor for improved speed.
The Salamander III has a meld laser, dual splattergun, quad pulse laser, and five torpedoes.
The Seraph EX has only one crew man. The pilot has a 6 barrel pulse laser, two missile racks, and 15 torpedoes. The Mk. 20 torpedoes on this craft do not always work correctly. Whenever you launch one you have to roll to see what happens. It may launch in a different direction, misfire, or all of the torpedoes might launch.
The Shark II has an impulse gun and an ion ram. It also gained armor.
The Sorenson IV has a quad minigun, quad autocannon, and 6 torpedoes.
The Talon III has a dual disruptorgun, missile launcher, and a single torpedo.
The Teal Hawk EX loses the gunner. The weapons include an ion ram, 6 barrel pulse laser, and four torpedoes.

House Tokugawa receives three new ships with new miniatures.
The Hayabusa is a small fast one man fighter. It has a 5 barrel pulse laser and five torpedoes.
The Samurai fighter has good speed and defense. It has a protobolt projector and a quad pulse laser. The ship sheet shows a skill slot for a gunner but this ship does not have one. Both weapons are assigned to the pilot.
The Samurai II is a much better design. It has a meld laser, 6 barrel pulse laser, and six torpedoes. This display also shows a gunner in error.

In summary, this is a good expansion to Silent Death but the new skills and quirks are best left to experienced gamers who have a good handle on the rules. If you are new to this game I’d wait on this one. While it seems to be intended for campaigns you can use the new skills in a pick up game. The revised skill costs help to balance the game better. I like the alternative initiative rule since it gives the lesser pilots a better chance to win the initiative.
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