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Subject: Combos: Evil and Wild rss

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John Choong
Kuala Lumpur
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Here are some combos I found for Evil and Wild during my previous play.

1. Drinker of Blood + Zombie Apocalypse + Wither
During your turn, your Drinker of Blood is on the board. Play Zombie Apocalypse and then followed by Wither to target at Zombie token champion. You can gain 2 health and deal 2 damage to a target player for each champion broken by Zombie Apocalypse but your Drinker of Blood will safely remain on the board. Then when you play Wither to break the Zombie token champions, you again gain 2 health and deal 2 damage to target player for each Zombie token broken.

This combo gets much better if you have Soul Hunter on the board too to deal 5 damage to a target player when Soul Hunter enter into the discard pile (and you can return it into play during the start of your next turn).
Note: Instead of Wither, Flash Fire can also do the job of kill the Zombie token champions.

2. Final Task + Trihorror
This combo function like a pseudo Demon Breach card. Get Trihorror into play from the discard pile and use it as a blocker. At the of the turn, break Trihorror and gain 3 Demon tokens.

3. Zombie Apocalypse + Trihorror + Corpse Taker/Necromancer Lord
During your opponent’s turn, play Zombie Apocalypse. Break Trihorror and then put into play 3 Demon token champions and 1 Zombie token. When it comes to your turn, play Corpse Taker, bring back Trihorror from the discard pile and put it into play again (deployed). You can hear your opponent groans if he/she does not have cards that can clear the board. Or instead of playing Corpse Taker, you can play Necromancer Lord and expend him to trigger his ability.

4. Plentiful Dead + The Risen
During your turn, play Plentiful Dead first to put into play 1 Zombie token. Then play The Risen and gain additional 3 Zombie token on the board. All the four Zombie tokens will have Blitz, +1 Offense, and +1 Defense. Bring back Plentiful Dead from the discard pile (paying 1 health), and play again.

5. Drinker of Blood + Angel of Death
Have Drinker of Blood on the Board. During your turn, play Angel of Death and trigger the Loyalty 2 effects. You can clean the board with your Drinker of Blood and Angel of Death remaining to attack.

6. Corpse Taker + Steel Golem/Frost Giant/Sea Titan/Ice Drake/Kong!
Champion recursion. Bring back champion from discard pile into play and trigger its ability.

7. Amnesia + Army of the Apocalypse
During your turn or the opponent’s turn, play Amnesia and then followed up by Army of the Apocalypse. Your opponent will have not champions in the discard pile to put into play.

1. Lash + Recall + Lash (Again)
During your turn, have a large champion (without Breakthrough) on the board. Declare it as an attacker. Wait for your opponent to declare a blocker or play any Champion with Ambush. Often, your opponent would send a chump blocker if he/she does not see the threat of Breakthrough.

If there are no blocker(s) declared, save your Lash for future turn. If blocker(s) are declared, play Lash. Wait to see if your opponent will play any event card to break or remove your attacker from the board (unless you see him/her already spend 1 cost to play card but you still have to be wary of Hasty Retreat). If you don’t see a threat of your opponent in playing a 1 cost card to disrupt your attack, then pay 1 cost to bring Lash back into your hand and play it again with a total +8 offense.

2. Surprise Attack + Large Champion (e.g. Burrowing Worm, Kong!, Raging T-Rex, Triceratops, Thundarus, Sea Titan)
Play Surprise Attack during your opponent’s turn. Help you set up your large champion to attack when it comes to your turn. Be careful of Turn.

3. Surprise Attack + Frost Giant
When your opponent only attacks with 1 or a few champions, you play this combo to expend all other opponent Champions to halt your opponent’s offensive maneuver. This can effectively set you up for attack later when it comes to your turn since your opponent’s champions are all expended other than any possible Champions which can enter play via Ambush. (However, I believe an experience player will probably utilise his/her current Champion on the board and then later play 1 cost Champion just in case any shenanigans will be played on him/her.)

4. Recycle + Wolf Companion
Banish Wolf Companion from your discard pile (if you don’t see yourself paying 1 coin to get it back). Gain 1 Wolf token and 1 card draw.

5. Sea Hydra + Rain of Fire
During your opponent’s turn, play Rain of Fire. If you don’t have 3 targets (including the opposing player) or that the damage from Rain of Fire will not be able to break some opposing champions, deal the damage to Sea Hydra. When it comes to your turn, your Sea Hydra will grow ‘stronger’.

6. Mighty Blow + Champions with Breakthrough/Lash
I think the card Mighty Blow should only be reserved with Champions with Breakthrough like Bellowing Minatour, Burrowing Worm, Triceratops, or Juggernaut. Or Mighty Blow can be played together with Lash.
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brighknight_216 wrote:
5. Sea Hydra + Rain of Fire
Sea Hydra + Hurricane is even better: preferrably kill everything your opponent has and attack with a 14/19 champion the next turn!
Just watch out that you don't block with the Hydra in the turn you cast the Hurricane...
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