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Subject: Game Recap - 24 Oct 2015 rss

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Jim Millard
United States
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Using the alternate Call To Honor rules set, with modifications.


Factions: 750 pt Highlanders with 750 pt (Republic)
1500 pt Clan Jade Falcon

Setting: 3136 AD, Alphecca II (Republic of the Sphere agricultural world, Prefecture IX)

Scenario: Jade Falcon recon in force vs. Republic defend


• Republic of the Sphere - Elements of the 90th Armored Brigade, VIII Hastati Sentinels (Heavy armor platoon)
o Paladin Jonah Levin (Atlas)
o Mjolnir
o 3x Kinnol MBT
o Kelswa Assault Tank
• Northwind Highlanders - Elements of the 1st Kearny Highlanders (Light combat lance w/mechanized support)
o Tara Bishop (Pack Hunter)
o 2x Goshawk
o Koshi
o R10 Mechanized ICV
o Hawk Moth Gunship
o Paladin Defense System
o 2x Fox Armored Car
o Elemental Battle Armor
o Towed Gauss Rifle
• Clan Jade Falcon - Heavy Recon Binary, Delta Galaxy, Turkina Keshik
o Griffin
o Ursa
o Stinger
o Ocelot
o Panther
o 2x Hadur Fast Support Vehicle
o Skanda Light Tank
o MHI Amphibious APC
o Enyo Strike Tank
o 2x Saxon APC
o Nacon Armored Scout
o Skadi Swift Attack VTOL
o Hawk Moth Gunship
o 3x Gnome Battle Armor
o 4x Clan Battle Armor
o 4x Sniper Team
o 2x Thunder Launcher
Result: Decisive Republic/Highlander victory (416 points versus 166)


Several months after the fall of Skye to Clan Jade Falcon's Malvina Hazen and her Turkina Keshik, Falcon forces once again began to spread their reach for more worlds in Prefecture IX. Jade Falcon jumpships were sighted over Alphecca II in the small hours of the night, and by the time dawn began spreading over the eastern continent of the Republic's agricultural world, the telltale streak of dropships was visible in the atmosphere.

The VIII Hastati Sentinels, at just over half strength after the fall of Skye, had been recuperating on Alphecca II since the collapse of the prefecture capital.Reinforced by elements of Countess Tara Campbell's Northwind Highlanders, which were spread thinly across remaining Republic worlds in the prefecture, the Sentinels mounted a defense of several strategic points outside Alphecca's largest spaceport, including a river crossing approximately 12 kilometers from the landing pads.

At this river crossing, Republic Paladin Jonah Levin orchestrated a defensive strongpoint. Knowing that what the Falcons lacked in range, they generally made up for in ferocity, Levin embedded himself and a platoon of heavy armor in a grove of trees, maximizing the range of his Atlas and armor over the open fields on the opposing side of the river.

Opposite Levin's defense, a Highlander lance led by Tara Bishop had drawn up parallel with Levin's armored contingent, prepared to act as a more mobile, reactionary force.

(See attached photo - "Deployment" for details. Jade Falcon arrayed at bottom, RotS armor and 'Mechs in background right, and Highlanders in background left)

The Falcon force quickly determined that the commanding position held by the Republic armor, along with their superior range and firepower, made a breakthrough on that side impossible. Paladin Levin singlehandedly felled a Panther during it's attempt to race across the river, while Republic armor swiftly chewed through the Ursa's infantry screen.

(See attached picture - "Fallen Panther")

On the left side of the battlefield, the lighter-armed Jade Falcon forces were on more even ground with the Highlander lance, as both advanced toward each other. The Falcons made an attempt to deploy their Thunder Launcher artillery in a field, but significant damage was dealt to one Saxon APC, and its Cizin escort was pummeled fiercely by the opposing Highlander Goshawks.

After only hasty, scattered return fire, the Falcons began a rapid retreat from their front against the Hastati armored forces. Over-eager, a section of Highlander Fox Armored Cars sprang forward to give chase to the withdrawing Falcon forces, but in doing so drew too close to the Falcon's lone heavy mech. The Ursa dealt damage to both light hover vehicles, and one was destroyed while attempting to flee.

Meanwhile, on the main Highlander front, the Falcons had also begun to withdraw in good order. Despite heavy long range fire from the Republic lines (which damaged and later claimed the Falcon Ocelot), Jade Falcon long range missiles and lasers claimed a Highlander VTOL and a mechanized ICV while covering their greater retreat.

In a final act of defiance, the Jade Falcon star leader and a point of infantry struck back at Highlander lance leader Tara Bishop's Pack Hunter. In the ensuing firefight, both Bishop's 'mech and the Jade Falcon Griffin were nearly destroyed, and both limped off the battlefield as Highlander artillery helped chase the Falcons away.

(See photo - "Fires on the Field". From L to R on the Highlander front - burning Ocelot, destroyed Cizin, badly damaged Griffin, destroyed Highlander Hawk Moth, and Tara Bishop's nearly-slagged Pack Hunter)

Aware that Alphecca's comparatively depleted forces need every advantage that they can muster, Paladin Jonah Levin has only the slightest of regrets in having shown his hand (which consists of the 90ths limited but powerful heavy armor) early, given that the exchange was a very bloody beak for the invading Falcons.
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