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Subject: 4x6 Mansion and upping the difficulty with kickstarter zombies. rss

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Luke Heineman
United States
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Just food for thought: we built the mansion as a 4x6 grid, and eliminated the "roll 6" rule, which always seemed convoluted to me. To create the interior 8 tiles, I roll the 1d4 for how many rooms with walls to add.

When a locked room is rolled, we draw a token from the "special" zombie pool, and roll again to spawn its location. We use 2 tokens per zombie, which is more than enough. We've found that it's a pain to set this game up to begin with, and arbitrarily deciding how many special zombie tokens to add to the main pool never gave us a good experience. . . . I think we played multiple games where we only encountered one "special" horde. Then we had games where multiple special hordes spawned and destroyed us immediately.

We then have been playing the 4 action sides of the player boards (with 4 players), the helicopter expansion, and advanced room rules. We use the more difficult side of the security board, and play on "Darker" mode. (why anyone would ever play "darkest" mode is beyond me). We find this to be a really good balance. After three games, everyone's really pleased with how this all comes together.

The last game we had one survivor die during the final encounter (a useful diversion for the GIANT horde converging on us), and the remaining three were all bitten at least once. All were in various states of health. We had encountered two creatures, the snake and the security guard, and we eliminated them both. We also had confrontations with two tuff zombie hordes, one disco doll horde, and a monster horde of zombies at the end that combined and could only be killed using melee combat. We were able to escape out the window onto the helicopter tile thanks to retreat rolls rolled in combat, then destroyed the zombies on the helipad. We were then able to move the helicopter to the last survivor (yep saving everyone we could), and the remaining three of us all escaped.
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