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Lars Munstermann
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Yesterday I had an absolute weird GoT session. 5 uf us were playing the game a second time and we had one rookie. After drawing the houses, the newbie had the "luck" of playing house Lannister. I played house Tyrell. In the first round Baratheon decided not to conquer Kings Landing but Cracklaw point and also the Narrow Sea, Stark gave him the sea because they made an understanding that they won't attack each other. (absurd move from Stark). Greyjoy took Seagard and Flints Finger, Lannister did not muster but marched into Riverrun without getting punished by Greyjoy (crucial mistake). Stark and Martell mustered and they took Widows Watch/ Starfall. Tyrell expanded to Oldtown and Reach, while consolidating in the Dornish marches. Then the westeros cards were drawn and Baratheon decided whyever to muster. In the next round Greyjoy launched an attack on Lannister and despite his superiority (he still had the sword) he wasted Balon Greyjoy. The Lannister player managed to defend his territory, because of that and because Stark won the last game GJ decided to go after Stark, Finally losing all relevant territorries around the Ironmans Bay except for Pyke, but he succesfully conquered Winterfell on the last turn. I powerfarmed as Tyrell and concentrated on defending (I was in a bad position with Martell and Baratheon allied) but unfortunately there was no Clash of Kings until round 7(!), at this time nearly everyone had all his powertokens, what neglected my earlier powertoken advantage. Batlles were rare also because the supply limit was never updated the whole game, mustering occured relatively often but the effect of mustering with the limited supply was nearly nullified. When supporting was not allowed Martell managed to conquer The Reach with 2 Siege Engines and a knight. That army threatened on the next turn my capital Highgarden. Highgarden was good defended and supported on the sea and I had an army of 3 in the Dornish marshes with a march order which could easily destroy his 2 Siege Engines. I made him aware that he could instead attack easily Kings Landing, which was hold by his ally house Baratheon. He then decided to play another, unimportant march order while he swore not to attack me. I saw then the opportunity to destroy his army in the reach with 2 knights from the Dornish Marches. Turn 9 I made an assault from Oldtown to Starfall, but with Arianne he stopped me, in an other battle he used Doran, with the result that I lost the raven that I won after round 7.
So on the last turn there was the following situation:
Stark: Winterfell, White Harbour, Moat Calin, Seagard
Greyjoy: Pyke
Lannister: Lannisport, Riverrun, Harrenhal, Flints Finger, Cracklaw Point
Martell: Starfall, Sunspear, Yronwood, Storms End
Tyrell: Reach, Oldtown, Highgarden
Baratheon: Kings Landing, Dragonstone, Eyrie

Now the fucking hell breaks out. Like I mentioned, Stark and Baratheon had an alliance the whole game. Nearly the whole game. Stark demanded naval support from Baratheon against Greyjoy. Baratheon didn't give a f*ck, because Greyjoy was no danger. So Winterfell fall. I had only 2 march orders with one I threatened the empty Starfall, forcing Martell to march his best forces to defend this castle. I did not play the order but insead marched from the reach to conquer Kings Landing, now having 3 strongholds and 1 castle, the business in the south was over. Baratheon took previously Cracklaw point back. He also had an army at the twins, with the option to attack Moat Cailin or Seagard. But Stark was first in the raw and because he was mad because of the "treason" of house Baratheon, he attacked with his full army from Seagard Baratheon at the Twins and wins the battle. Seagard is now empty, Lannister can easily grab the 5th castle and takes the win.
I think this was a really weird session with no supply card and a Clash of Kings in round 7. Especially the last thing was a disadvantage for me and also of course a allied Baratheon and Martell against me. But even under that circumstances i could have won if Stark hadn't done his damn attack on Baratheon.
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