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Subject: Fortification in an attack rss

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Peter Asimakis
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I can't find an answer in the fora so...

From this thread,

"Any Harvester or Asset can be used by the active Player (or Ally) as long as they have at least 1 Troop token in the Region.

If a Region contained 4 different Troop tokens (don't ask me how) and a Harvester/Ornithopter then each Faction could use them when they become the active player.

Anyone in an area (even with others) will still get to use the Asset when they become the active player."

Fortifications are Assets.

I am in a region with a Fortification token. If I, as the active player, start combat in this region against a former ally who also has troops in the region, am I considered the "controlling" player at that time, and therefore am I NOT penalised the one troop token, as I would if I moved into a region with a Fortification token to attack another player?

The confusion arises from the rulebook which states,
(Page 5, Combat),

"First, if the contested region contains a Fortification, remove one of the attacking Troops from this Region and the Fortification to the supply."

So, do I lose a troop or not?
It's easier for consistency for the troop to be lost, but I was surprised by some of Heiko's answers on asset use in other threads, hence the question.

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Mike Anastasia
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You lose a troop. The use of the word asset in the quote you cited is just a shorthand for 'harvester/ornithopter' in that context.

Assets do not keep track of their 'owner'. Assets do not care who arrived in a region when. They just care about the state of the board at the moment their abilities activate (ship phase for harvesters, move phase for thopters, combat phase for forts).

Heiko answered a close variation on this question about forts here. See question #6.
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