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Subject: New Faction: M.I.S.S.Y. rss

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Tyler Brownwell
United States
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Faction: M.I.S.S.Y

(Warning this is a work in progress!)

Back Story: M.I.S.S.Y was a project created early in the decline of modern civilization. It was an A.I. computer used in factories to increase the production of the earth defense force, and supply medical equipment all over the world. When the rebellion between the engineers and the Terran, M.I.S.S.Y fell silent. After years of unsettle rebellion, she awoke by an unknown source. This time, with her own agenda: Creating her own empire of A.I. controlled mechanism on Mars.

Overview: M.I.S.S.Y is all about messing with the opponent. She has ways to hack into any system and even bore herself into matter in order to spread viruses. Playing with M.I.S.S.Y you have the responsibility to expand her power in three main areas: Archives, Software Upgrades, and Hardware Upgrades. Placing cards down for power will ensure you get the best out of your resources.

Archives, Software Upgrades, and Hardware Upgrades:

These are the three track that you can upgrade by placing cards down as resources in each of the three areas. During construction you will trade in the resource cards for one power each.

Archives will allow you to interact with your deck. Archives has seven levels that you can upgrade:

Level 1 (cost: 3 power): Search in your deck for 2 Buildings
Level 2 (cost: 1 power): Search in your deck for 1 Virus
Level 3 (cost: 2 power): Search in your deck for 1 Hack
Level 4 (Cost: 2 power): Search in your for an attack card
Level 5 (Cost: 1 power): Take three cards from your discard as bonus resources.
Level 6 (cost: 3 power): Search in your deck for any one Building and place four units on it for no cost
Level 7 (cost: 3 power): Search your deck for a hack and play it twice against a player.

Most of these are one time affects. Once you activate them you must shuffle your deck afterwards. You can also during construction reset the archives and start at level one by paying one power. (except for Level 7).

Software Upgrades buffs your units - this is the only way to buff your units and is one of the huge downsides of M.I.S.S.Y. Here are the 7 Levels:

Level 1 (cost: 1 power): +1 Building attack rating to all units
Level 2 (cost: 2 power): +1 Infantry attack rating to all units
Level 3 (cost: 2 power): +1 Armor attack rating to all units
Level 4 (cost: 2 power): +1 Air attack rating to all units
Level 5 (cost: 3 power): All units gain a shield at the start of combat
Level 6 (cost: 4 power): All units gain two shields at the start of combat
Level 7 (cost: 1 power): +3 Initiative to all units

Hardware Upgrades will give you special buffs. M.I.S.S.Y lacks special buildings so Hardware Upgrades is where she gains this foothold.

Level 1 (cost: 2 power): May pay two power for each re-roll
Level 2 (cost: 1 power): May pay six power to initiate a standard attack
Level 3 (cost: 2 power): May pay two power per force to Deep Strike
Level 4 (cost: 3 power): May pay three power per force to gain Tough
Level 5 (cost: 1 power): May get 2 bonus resources if you win a battle
Level 6 (cost: 3 power): May place a card down during Reorganization to place it somewhere else on the battle line
Level 7 (cost: 4 power): May pay one power to have a unit attack again

Hardware Levels can be activated again by the cost stated in the upgrade, unlike Archives and Software Upgrades.

(All of these levels are subject to change; just ideas)


The one thing that M.I.S.S.Y lacks is the ability to give units buffs directly - they must be done through leveling up. But what she is know for is de-buffing the enemy units. Viruses are built in front of you and if completed can be attached to an enemy unit at the end of Reorganization. The Virus only lasts that round and is discarded after the battle.


Hacks are played outside your screen targeting a player. These are going to negatively mess with the player in a multitude a ways. From discarding cards, depleting power, and generally giving players a hard time.


A negative for M.I.S.S.Y is that when she is in battle, her cores are vulnerable, sitting where the base cards would go similar to the Colossus. These Cores have three shields on them and can be targeted just like any force. Once the shields are down the enemy can destroy the core with one hit. If both cores are destroyed you lose all upgrades and cannot upgrade anymore.

Having fun coming up with these ideas!
Would love feedback.
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