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Subject: Does it solo? Yes! Sorta... rss

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Bradford Lounsberry
United States
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You can play Crimson Creek solo with only a few modifications....

1) Ignore the 1 player left rule - Normally the game is over if there is only one player left except during the final scene. Can't use that rule solo.

2) Remove the Klein Victory - Deal out 2 facedown clues like normal, but if the two clues finger you as being possessed by Klein discard the last clue you gained. Then draw a new clue. "What a minute, these aren't glasses, these are muddy boots! I always get them confused...."

3) Attack Deck - I'm still debating between using the 2-3 player setup for the attack deck or lowering it to 3 Hatchets and 1 Calm Night. Try both and stick with the difficulty you enjoy.

4) No Share Action - You probably could have figure this one our yourself.

What you are left with is fun horror survival game. There is no hidden betrayer while playing solo so you do lose out on the best part of Crimson Creek and the Cheerleader and Preppy abilities are rendered useless. The rest of the game is intact.

In general I wouldn't suggest this game if you only play solo games. Playing it solo is a good way to learn the rules before playing with others as well as a fun way to fill time when there is nobody to play with. But, since the price point is so low, if you are a strictly solo gamer who is really into the 80s horror film theme you might want this in your collection. Small footprint solo games are always nice to have on hand.
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Sinnerius Damned
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Played it according to Your notes, and it is only way it worked for me. I keep cards revealed, no notes needed, just a nice atmospheric solitaire game.
Played in two, my notes got messy, lost track, forgot places...LOST Was lost in the game as well.
So for me it is a nice SOLO game, as multiplayer it does not work.
Thanks again for help with the rules variant.
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