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A situation came up during play of Storming Juno that we weren't able to resolve adequately. The scenario special rules allow the Allies to move adjacent to the German reinforcement hexes. This meant that when the German reinforcements were placed in reinforcement hex C they were unable to move out of the hex.

The Allies had units next to the reinforcement hex, so there were no movements available to the German units that did not enter an enemy Fire Zone, as such they were unable to move out of the hex under division activation (first movement can't be into an enemy Fire Zone, unable to use a second action because all units in a reinforcement hex are considered out of command).

By the time their formation activation chit was drawn there were Allied units in all hexes surrounding the reinforcement hex. Since the exclusive rules state "the only Action a Unit in a Reinforcement Hex can take is to Move", there was nothing they could do. They cannot Assault or Fire, and cannot be fired upon, resulting in a stand off where they could do nothing and the enemy could do nothing to them.

Obviously the scenario special rules introduce a problem not present in the normal rules, where you are not permitted to move within two hexes of an enemy reinforcement hex, so how should this situation be handled in the introductory scenarios?

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Adam Starkweather
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Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this, I moved last weekend and I'm barely up and running now...

Anyway, I have no problem with this happening. Think of it as those forces surrounding the reinforcement hex have gone farther in the campaign than is shown on the small map and cut those reinforcements off from entering play.

You'll more easily see this when you get to bigger scenarios. Anyway, if it bugs you, no reason not to add a house rule to make it look more realistic to you - but I'm good with the actual game effect and the advantage of having a small map to cover most everything.
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