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Subject: Better than the average erotic game, bad if you want it to be monopoly rss

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Karen Stover
United States
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Just an upfront warning, this IS a game that deals with mature, sexual content, so this review may be explicit in nature.

I received XXXopoly as a birthday present from my significant other. They had read reviews and we both thoroughly enjoy the other erotic board games that we own. I played Monopoly a bunch as a kid, so this was a great gift for me!

I'm a huge board game fan, so I was very curious to know how other games on BGG rated this game. Not surprisingly, the page is quite sparse, other than [thread= 955246]aloehart’s previous review[/thread], thorough anything in the bedroom is taboo, and is unfortunately harder to find good analysis for, since I consider my gaming standards to be much higher than the average Amazon reviewer, so the 4 star rating on Amazon I took with a grain of salt.

That being said, I have treated these things as taboo to talk about myself in the past, but I feel that there is a need to have better ratings for erotic board games. After some debate about revealing to the world (on my main BGG account) that I own and play these games, here I am, giving this review.

Game Overview

XXXopoly is an erotic couples game that is themed after Monopoly, to a somewhat cheesy and humorous effect. Players are given money, which is used to buy properties. Once owned, properties are landed on by the opposing player and sexual acts are performed.

From the rulebook "The object of XXXopoly is to undergo a series of sexual tasks in order to enhance your orgasm, relationship, and communication".

"There is no definitive end to the game someone gets laid everyone is a winner! Players mutually decide to end the game when the passion has moved beyond gameplay." - Rulebook

Target Audience
XXXopoly is designed for 2 people and is aimed at a heterosexual audience (2 pawns included, pink and blue and he/she pronouns).

This game is great for anyone who is currently having sex with the people who they are playing with. You should not play this with anyone who you would not be comfortable having sex with (or seeing naked/performing erotic actions on). Unlike other erotic games, this game will be not easily scale-down for relationships where sex is not a common act.

The game targets itself at people who are "Ages 18 and up" but really, the only limit is any age of consent/sex rules that apply for your local area. The game also has opportunities to involve alcohol in the mix (body shots, etc.), so alcohol age limits/restrictions may apply, but these can be easily altered.

Construction (10/10)
The box, board, and materials are all well-made and hold up like any box you’d expect. Potentially better, considering it's an erotic game.

Inside the box, all of the pieces have their place in a molded plastic insert that makes everything, easy to take out and put away (especially compared to the Monopoly box).
I love that this game FIT in the box. Everything has a place. My only warning is that the space for time chips can be easily mistaken for a space for the “Hot & Heavy” or “Erotic Chest” cards, but is slightly smaller. I accidentally put them back in the wrong place and it is just a tiny bit too small, and it was hard to get them out!
I didn’t think about the construction being inadequate at any point during the game and would be comfortable not replacing anything included.

My only note is that they should have included a timer of some sort!

Inside you will find:
- 1 board, folded into 4 sections, sturdy/normal game weight
- A 1 piece, 1 sided glossy paper that acts as a ‘rule book’.
- 2 player pieces, 1 pink, one blue, resembling pawns from chess.
- 2 6-sided die, nothing special.
- A stack of paper money. The paper money is … cheap paper, but very similar weight to Monopoly money. The money denominations are 500, 100, 50, 20, and 10. It sticks together quite easily.
- A bag of grey time chips (houses), time chips are grey circles about the diameter of a nickel that come in their own plastic, resalable bag.

- 2 Decks of Cards The Hot & Heavy (Chance) & Erotic Chest (Community Chest) cards are normal sized playing cards (unlike regular Monopoly chance and community chest cards), but are a good weight of cardstock (similar to decent playing card weight) and easy to shuffle. The cards are sturdy, glossy playing cards, with 2 colors on the front and 2-3 colors on the back, depending on the card.

- The “Sexual Space” Property cards are square and thicker than the playing card stock used for other pieces in the game. Both sides of the property cards have the name of the property space, but only one side is colored. One side, with colors that match the board, describes what act would be performed, and the other side is used for determining cost of money and placing time chips. Unlike in regular Monopoly, these cards are considered active when flipped either direction (when mortgaged, they need to be placed aside, instead of flipped over).

We chose to avoid reading each card unless you owned it or landed on it, in order to make the game more surprising/exciting, revealing what each area meant as you went along.

Presentation (9/10)
I was quite pleased with the tastefulness of the game board and the cards. If you accidentally left the board out and set up, it would look like an innocuous version of Monopoly. I suppose there are pictures of handcuffs on the money… but it isn’t overly pornographic.

I keep using the word tasteful, because nothing in this game comes off as raunchy. Despite being an erotic game, there are no curse words, and the game favors descriptions of actions instead of images. The images that do exist are demure in nature. The most suggestive images on the board are the shadow of a woman in heels next to a stripper pole (no details), and the Kama Sutra cards (of which there are 6 total) which have a 1” x 1” sketch that is meant to depict a Kama Sutra position. The breasts of a woman (outlined) are probably the most pornographic image in the game, and even those are quite tiny, from the Kama Sutra card.

The outside of the box says ‘XXXopoly’ on every side, and shows the contents of the box on the back. The box is a compact, square box, which easily fits into a bedside drawer and would be easy to hide. The board itself folds up into 4, unlike the original Monopoly board.

Overall Theming (9/10)
XXXopoly is HEAVILY based on Monopoly, and they used the theming to their advantage.

As someone who actually grew up playing (and loving) Monopoly, it was fun to see how things were renamed (Waterworks / Wed & Wild, Electric Company / Sexual Sparks, Jail / S&M Chamber, Community Chest / Erotic Chest).

I wasn't impressed with all of the renames (Go / Orgasm, Chance / Hot & Heavy, Bank / Sperm Bank), ymmv. In addition, as someone who has the 'official rules' and the 'common house rules' memorized, it was disappointing to see the changes not be carried out to the properties, or at the very least, the colors around the board being the same. This may have been a licensing issue, and it honestly didn't detract from the overall gameplay, and you could really see how hard they were trying to make the game feel cheesy but not too cheesy and erotic but not over-the-top raunchy.

Each of the properties (sexual spaces) are named differently, and allude to the type of action that may be taken out on the property. These are fun to read and guess what the action might be! In our first game, we played where only the person who bought the property would know what the action was so they would get to reveal it to their partner when they landed there!

I don’t think that the sexual theme is too over-the-top, and is conveyed tastefully through Monopoly puns (as tastefully as puns can be) and verbiage rather than an overall pornographic style. I thought the imagery that they did include was overall demure and clever, like the handcuffs on the money.

My two complaints are that the properties are only colored on one side, and that the graphics could have been done by the same/similar artists, instead of seeming like a hodge-podge of convenient clipart/sketches.

Monopoly Theming
If you’ve played Monopoly, this will feel very very similar. That being said, the way the game is played is different, including how money is given, property (‘Sexual Space’) is bought, auctions, etc., some prices, how houses are put on/taken off, etc. In addition, the money amounts/denominations, the prices for buying and color patterns of the game are different, and the prices for mortgaging (the game calls it ‘abstinence’) are different.

The biggest difference, and most significant, in terms of theming, is that there isn’t any value to actually having a ‘Monopoly’ in any color (a set of properties that are the same color), as the game’s form of houses and hotels (‘time chips’) can be put on without owning more than one property. The exception to this is the railroads (‘Red Light District’) and utilities (‘Wet & Wild’/’Electric Shock’) which stack if more than one is owned.

If you’ve only ever played ‘house rules’ of Monopoly (money on free parking, no auctions, etc.) the rules might be odd, as XXXopoly doesn’t do anything special in acknowledgement of Free Parking (‘Safe Word’), and they allow for auctions to be conducted (which is a rule in Monopoly, but is not frequently followed).

However, If you’ve never played Monopoly, or never finished Monopoly, or your partner isn’t a fan of Monopoly, fear not! The game is literally all the better for not being too much like the original, and removes elements that make Monopoly what it is, but would and could detract from the goals of the game, which are erotic.

The simplification of denominations, and the removal of the overall Monopoly concept (needing a Monopoly to put on houses – or go around the board once before creating a Monopoly) will make even the staunchest of Monopoly haters, or people who have never played original Monopoly enjoy this version!

I’d say that if you’ve always started and never finished Monopoly, this games is going to be very VERY familiar, as the game literally has no end condition, you just quit when you want to.

Rules Presentation (4/10)
The rule”book” is literally a single page that goes over lots of warning information, some relationship advice (try everything) and some legal jargon (we are not responsible for injuries you may incur), everything you may want/need for setup (see prep section below), and the remaining space is dedicated to the actual rules.

I wouldn’t say that the rules were bad for the average user, just disappointing enough to get a low score.

The rulebook is by no means exhaustive and for people who really love rules (or clarification of terminology), it can be frustrating! Hopefully my review can relieve some of that frustration by showing how we interpreted some of these things, and how we would have done some things differently.

The Rules/Game
The rules are similar to Monopoly – people get money, roll to see who goes first, land on a property and choose to purchase or not (or auction) and how to mortgage, add time chips (houses) and an explanation of the various areas of the board, what to do, how to escape jail, etc.

When someone lands on your property (‘Sexual Space’), they have 2 options. 1) Pay the amount indicated on the card, or 2) Perform the act indicated on the card for the time indicated. If there are time chips (houses) added to the space, the amount of time the action would be performed would be increased in 15 second intervals. (0 time chips = 15 seconds, 3 time chips = 60 seconds)

The rules specifically indicate that there is no ending/win condition for the game.

Our thoughts on this were… how boring! No end condition? I think this will be a big appeal for anyone who finds Monopoly end conditions hard to reach and disappointing for anyone who enjoyed Monopoly. That being said, the point of the game isn’t to win… so this encouraged us to leave the game at our own leisure instead of at a specific time.

This specific aspect also makes it easier (in my opinion) for a group who is playing as a set of pairs (versus a couple/threesome planning to have sex together later) to break off, while others could continue without them.

You can see from the rules, and/or lack of rules how we started to feel the need (and felt encouraged) to start modifying the rules to meet our wants and desires instead of playing by the book.
Prep / Setup (6/10)
Unwrapping and initial setup was relatively quick, the paper money was a bit hard to separate, but our time finding a timer delayed our actual playing by quite a lot!

Out of the box, you have to arrange the property by color (or suffer from looking for a long time later!). We chose to shuffle the other cards included, but we’re not sure how they were initially arranged. We arranged them in reverse order so as to hide the text and discover it as we went along. I’d arrange by color and not name (too much time).

Reading the rules and determining the modifications to rules will probably take the longest. You can shuffle all the cards out and just ‘go’, if you want to have an easier setup, and then make modifications as you go along!

You must-must-must have a timer on-hand that is equipped with ‘seconds’. We had a frustrating time finding one! We eventually just queried Siri on an iPhone asked her to set a “TIMER” for a few seconds more than whatever the time requirement was. This was probably our biggest complaint with the game – they didn’t include a timer!
(see modifications section below for other things to include when playing/setting up)
Playing the Game
Like Monopoly, XXXopoly has some dead time at the beginning where you are rolling, purchasing items, and potentially landing on some cards. We thought that this initial phase was fine, considering that we were playing a game and wanted to learn, know the rules, etc. This can be skipped by playing the shortened rules, dealing out all of the properties and having every space landed on be high-stakes.

The rules were fuzzy about when a property would be auctioned off and could be interpreted as ‘only when the person declining to purchase wants to put it up for auction, unlike original Monopoly where auctioning off a property was performed when the person declines to purchase the property for the full amount (or is unable to pay the full amount). This loophole lead to several properties taking a turn or two to be landed on prior to being purchased by the other party AND several properties to be auctioned off for quite cheap when the opposing player was low on money.

We chose to only have the person buying (or thinking of buying) a property be allowed to read what the property does, which led to lots of ‘out of the rulebook’ opportunities for selling information, or suggestively offering to put a property up for sale.

At this point I should mention that none of the things on the board were too extreme for either person playing, (no hard limits). Normally when you land on a space, you can choose to pay INSTEAD of performing a sexual act. Our goal was to do –all- of those acts as much as possible, so instead of having the money become a (potentially) worthless instrument. Our variation was to have people when landing on a property pay the amount shown AND perform the task on the property owner. As you may have guessed, this led to more debt! I had invested early in properties and houses (time chips) and had to sell some of these off.

At this point, we realized something strange about the board… For Monopoly aficionados, you will notice that the prices are artificially increased across the board, (ending at $600 and not $400 for Rodeo Ride (Boardwalk), but the mortgaging prices are lower than half the original cost. The next time we play, we will be modifying this to be less, in order to ensure that everyone has more money. We chose to mortgage for half of the original cost instead of what was listed for ‘abstinence’.

A word of caution on making this modification --- I would not modify this, necessarily, if you are allowing players to choose to not perform an action by paying money, which is what the game is designed to allow. In every situation money can be used, by design, to ‘save’ the person from performing an act. For example, the ‘S&M Chamber (Jail) has multiple ways to escape, the first being a timed spanking, or by rolling a 6 or a 9 OR by paying $100.

We had much MORE fun having someone run out of money/low on money and having to bargain/barter their way through the situation.

Flow of the Game (7/10)
The gameplay was much more random than in other sex games, the progression is much more random and chaotic, instead of a natural progression leading to a sexual peak. You can go from sweet romantic kisses, or non-sexual massages to having sex at a roll’s notice.

This isn’t really a problem if you’re able to be turned on despite a lack of normal foreplay progression or keep yourself from orgasming (if you’re only able to orgasm once a night due to refractory periods), then will probably enjoy this game. If you have the ability to have multiple orgasms within an evening due to a short refractory period (10 minutes or less), or have the ability to stave off orgasm, this game can easily go on until you are ready to quit and have sex

If not, I believe that the money instead of sexual acts elements may help stabilize this, but again, we chose to not use those, so this is only conjecture.
The pace of the game, if it was played without cheating/modifying the rules here or there would become quite a burden. But this game, without an actual winner, is just asking for some modifications for their begging, consensual partners!
Amount of Time for Acts
(Potentially) because of our modifications, and having to buy properties that were inflated in price, we had very little opportunities to put additional time chips onto spaces. We decided that 15 seconds was too little time about halfway through the game (Especially considering the COST OF TIMECHIPS) and doubled all of the times across the board. Next time, we will be doubling them from the outset (because any massage, kiss, etc. that lasts for <30 seconds is boring).
I can see the time limits being refreshing for people who are new to any of these activities, and their partners being able to communicate their desires through time chips as being a good non-verbal communication tool.

The best thing about this game is that it can be played during your entire sexual act, instead of as a tool for fore-play (where you get to have sex once you reach the end goal).

At times the game was awkward because the amount of clothes someone was wearing would require them to take off pants/shirt, etc. and then replace them after performing a sexual activity. This happed a lot, come to think of it. In a game where you can have P/V interactions in the first 10-20 minutes, the appeal of everyone ‘needing to keep their clothes on’ drastically decreased. In other games, if you take your clothes off, you just keep them off, which would probably be a good rule to adopt if this is a complete inconvenience.
The overall flow of the game is chaotic in nature, you can have all of your clothes on and off every 5 minutes, depending on what your luck is, but the steaminess level was QUITE HIGH. Once we chose to increase the amount of times actions were to take place (and fudged the rules on how long some of the intercourse things were going to be….) it was great.
Replayability (9/10)
This game is completely repayable – much more than Monopoly. Who receives a specific act during the game is primarily based on who owns the card, so which things you receive or give would change every game. In addition, the communication based cards (maybe we just didn’t land on erotic chest enough) are generic and easy to re-do.

In addition, it’s different from other games we own in that you can play it as a compliment to sex instead of a pre-sex activity.

It may get boring once you get through all the cards, or if something less vanilla is your thing, but I think that it will always be worth replaying at some point or another!

What I think... (8/10)
"The object of XXXopoly is to undergo a series of sexual tasks in order to enhance your orgasm, relationship, and communication" - Rulebook

Relationship & Communication
This game is not about communication. I would recommend Discover Your Lover if you are looking for a good sex game that incorporates more 'getting to know you' and deep communication questions. In our game session, we only experienced a couple of "Hot & Heavy/Erotic Chest" cards that incorporated sharing and communication. That being said, those two were quite good (1)Compliment your significant other 5 times and kiss them every time and 2)Name one thing that you don't like doing in bed and explain why). There were also elements of singing love songs, etc. that were fun, but not… meaningful communication cards.

I think if you haven’t talked about what you like having done/doing during sex, you can utilize the game to communicate what you want/desire in sex to your partner through buying properties (or passing on buying/mortgaging them), paying instead of performing an act (if you’re playing that way!) or using time chips to declare that you want to spend more time on something specific.

Sex Tasks / Orgasm Enhancement
The way we played made the game heavy on sexual tasks, which was exactly what we were looking for. I quite enjoyed that the game focused on this aspect and that oral sex and penetrative sex frequently occurred.

This game completely shied away from extreme things, which was fine for our couple (anal activities, anything BDSM rougher than spankings), and focused on providing outs for people who were new to any of the sexual activities. If you’re new to any of the activities in the game, it may ‘enhance your orgasm’ or relationship, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Suggested Modifications
Besides the game, here are other things that you should have on-hand:
-A timer! This timer must be able to handle 15 second intervals!
-Towels to sit on when you’re naked and just had intercourse of some kind.
-Food items (Whipped cream (space on board), alcohol & shot glasses (space on board))
-A paddle/implement for spanking (if desired!)

Other things to consider (may or may not come up)
3 random food items that the other player had to guess (hot & heavy card)
Blindfold (hot & heavy card)
Earplugs (for guessing games, which may or may not come up)
Start with clothes on, as there are stripping games.
House Rules based on Monopoly
Unfortunately, some of the modifications that were made to the game that differed from Monopoly were frustrating and unnecessary, and when we played we changed them back to their original Monopoly versions. In other cases, the rules just failed to mention how to handle things, so here are my suggested modifications based on Monopoly:

- Properties are priced differently (and higher) – Will price to Monopoly in the future
- Mortgaging property gives you half the amount of money you paid on it. (Re-instating the card should be paying the amount you received, instead of Monopoly rules, since there are no low denominations).
- Doubles were not rewarded – we changed to allow you go to again, 3 times sends you to jail
- Free parking (add money to the center at the beginning of the game and refresh when collected, money paid to the bank for fees is sent to Free Parking)
- Landing on ‘Go’ gave you double the money ($300 became $600)
- Allow for trading/buying of properties from other players) to allow for the other partner to experience it)
- Auctions occur when the other person doesn’t want to buy the property

House Rules based on Sexual Enjoyment
Here are my suggested modifications to make the game more enjoyable from a sexual standpoint, instead of from a purely game standpoint, although game elements are involved.
- Free Parking / Safe word – we may alter it so that something to do with ‘Safe word’ alter so that something happens, potentially BDSM related.
- Alter massage cards to pick a different body part to be massaged – assuming your partner agrees (nipples massaged to balls massaged, etc.)
- Pay AND perform the sexual act. If you’re out of money, you have to perform either that act for a longer amount of time, or another act for an agreed upon amount of time (or barter to take your clothes off for money, etc.)
- Keep the property text secret from your partner until they land on it!
- Double all times
- If you take clothes off, they stay off
- Tip your partner for performing well!

Technically all of the modifications above are variations of the game that can be played. Here are some suggested ways to vary the game based on participants:
XXXopoly is made for heterosexual relationships, but the game could be modified for playing with non-heterosexual relationships.

A big disclaimer on this, since there WOULD be modifications to the game, which may make you or your partner uncomfortable. For instance, language involving he/she and male/female partner is used synonymous with partner, and while the main tiles do not specifically require any form of genitalia to be present, 'male partner' and 'female partner' terminology is used when both parties are participating in a sex act in a specific position and the male would be inserting himself into the female. These positions (missionary, doggy, cowgirl, etc.) are based on 'traditional' heterosexual positions that may or may not be interesting for the couple playing, and may be offensive if you aren't interested in modification. Additionally, there are 6 'Kama Sutra' cards in the 'erotic chest/hot & heavy' draw piles (think community chest & chance) which depict a male/female couple performing sexual acts. You could either choose to remove these cards or modify them to meet your needs.

If you and your partner are willing to overlook/forgive the game for these things, I believe it can be a fun game, as the game is easily modified in cases where they chose to say 'male/female' instead of partner, and tastefully avoids specific genitalia* or male/female partner and instead attempts to remain gender neutral using 'partner'.

*Disclaimer: I haven't read through every 'Erotic Chest/Hot & Heavy' card, so there may be instances that do specific genitals that I am unaware of.

XXXopoly would be great to play with more than 2 people! You will need to modify the game to include more game pieces / money (just grab Monopoly).

I'm going to repeat this here... You should not play this with anyone who you would not be comfortable having sex with (or seeing naked/performing erotic actions on). Unlike other erotic games, this game will be not easily scale-down for relationships where sex is not a common act.

In addition, the game is set up to have one giver and one receiver (it IS a Monopoly spin-off), but those people change every round. Everyone involved should be comfortable having oral and penetrative sex with each other, or have proxies willing to 'stand-in'. The money involved in this game DOES allow for people to choose not to have sex, but if you ran out, you’d be in an awkward sexual position.

I would cap gameplay to this game with 5-6 people, unless serious modification is done to enable simultaneous sex acts to occur.

Additionally, if you are planning on using this as a group game, it will be excruciatingly slow (and boring) to play if you are not planning on having sex (or performing sexual tasks) in front of one another.

Gameplay Enjoyment (9/10)
As stated above, I completely loved the game, but the version we played was literally a variation in and of itself, where we paid to play (paying AND performing the act), kept hidden what the act was until someone landed on it, and altered / enhanced the activity stated to be enjoyable (massaging balls instead of nipples, or a different position). We also artificially altered the amount of time spent on every act about halfway through the game as it was hard to get enough money to put time chips on!

I was disappointed with the rulebook not defining all of their terms (like abstinence = mortgage), when auctions take place, and a lack of an end condition. Specifically, the lack of an end condition could leave one partner feeling trapped, especially if they run out of money!

I was also very disappointing not having a timer provided, since we spent probably 5-10 minutes finding one that would work!

Overall (8/10)
I will definitely play this again, and it’s better than your average sex game, but it has some game play issues that require modification. In addition, it prolongs sex, which may or may not be what you’re looking for.
Definitely worth trying out, unless you’re not planning on having sex with your significant other anytime soon.
Here’s some of my pros/cons for anyone looking for a quick list!
- Easily modified for more people
- Very approachable game design, even if you don’t play Monopoly or engage in anything but missionary sex normally.
- Theming is classy and on-point
- You have sex during the game instead of only hinting at sex.
- Lots of elements in the game to ease partners into potentially new sex acts
- If you have a quick refractory period, this game can continue for multiple orgasms!

- Bad for new couples (or couples who are choosing to wait to have sex/ or people not interested in in having sex)
- Rules need modification for couples who have no need to bow out of participating in any sex act.
- Rule ‘book' is lacking
- No Timer Included
- Stripping element interspersed with sexual activities is clunky
- Alcohol consumption may lead to non-consensual circumstances
- High potential for ending the game due to someone orgasming early (especially if coupled with long refractory period!)
- Chaotic gameplay (like a regular game) instead of a normalized progression
- Not monopoly, bad for anyone who hates interpreting/stretching/modifying the rules
- There is no winner/end point
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f s
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This review is so serious that it is hillarious. I love it.
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Karen Stover
United States
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Haha, thanks!

You can't take yourself too seriously, but at the same time, no one ever writes seriously about these games!
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