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The difficulty of this game can be scaled down by adding more dice to the game. The D# that you choose to use will greatly alter how frequently this variant comes into play. This variant can be used to make the game a bit easier and can be applied to many other games as well.


Add a D20 to the game and roll along with the D6s when you have to make a dice roll. Substitute the value of the D20 for one of the D6s if it is 1-6 and advantageous. If the D20 comes up on a value other than 1-6, ignore it. So 30% of the time, the die should come up with a value that is between 1 and 6 and possibly come into play.

Want to make it even easier, use a D12 instead or something even smaller. A D6 would obviously affect things the most and a D4 could be interesting in that while it could provide help more consistently than a D20, it won't ever yield a 5 or 6.
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