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Alan Smithee
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Last night my group had our first play session with KD:M, and I have to admit that on the grounds of flavor and interesting things happening, so far the game has impressed me. Let me tell you a little about the founding of our settlement - the first human civilization of Roanoke.

When we awoke, the nature of this journey immediately made itself clear. Our 6 survivors immediately rushed the lion, to disastrous results. On the lion's first turn, it grasped the woman named Sara and ran off with her, smashing her head on the stone faces and killing her instantly. The sight of it was so disturbing that the remaining survivors immediately lost heart. There would be no dodging in this fight.

Another of our survivors, Tebyn, began to crumple under the strain of combat immediately, gaining three disorders before the first fight was even finished. Convinced of his own mortality and with the shield of his broken mind to protect him, he threw himself at the lion with abandon, only to suffer the same fate as Sara, as the lion dragged him away and smashed his head upon the cobbles.

In one shining moment it seemed as if we had gained the upper hand when my character scored two crippling strikes against the cat in a single attack, but it wasn't enough to slay it, and soon it began battering us down one by one.

The rest of us were able to take down the lion by weight of arms alone, but when it was all over, Pinkie, another woman, could no longer stomach the terrors of the darkness and vowed to hunt no more forever. We'd survived, but three of us would never hunt again.

When we found the lantern pile, we named our settlement Roanoake, and began our first faltering steps toward civilization. We found only 7 other humans, and so, between the ten of us, we began to decide how to live together.

My character, Rose, who had wounded the lion so terribly and shown such valor, was nominated to bring language to the tribe. So impressed was she by the seriousness of this burden that she withdrew from the hunt in order to ruminate on the path our future should take.

The first order of business was to determine what to do with our dead, which in turn led to another discussion: how do we even decide things? How does our society make decisions for the whole? In the end we decided that each survivor (even those we weren't actually playing yet, the "un-named", who vote randomly) would have a say, and that the chief, the wisest and most experienced of us, would decide in the case of an impasse.

And so we voted. The rest of the colony was evenly split between giving the dead funeral rites, and using their remains so that the rest of us might have a better chance to live, so the final vote came down to the players. The debate was heated on both sides, until Rose, the wise woman who had given us language, said "Just as we must hunt the beasts of this place and take of their body so that the tribe might live, so should we take from the bodies of our honored dead when their time has come, so they might serve the settlement one last time, that we may never forget them." We knew then that the chief spoke wisdom, and so it was done. As the pronouncement was made, Artus tore into the body of his fallen comrade with abandon, gaining +1 speed, and our path was set. With all solemnity we rendered down the remains of our fallen companions, fashioning them into a bone sword named "Sara" and a leather jerkin named "Tebyn". It is now the hope of every hunter to die gloriously on the hunt, and in death become part of the living history of the tribe.

Flush with our newfound sense of identity we created workshops for the creation of weapons and armor, and Pinkie, the hunter who had retired put the bones of the lion to another, less warlike use: the creation of drums. It is now the custom of the tribe to beat the drums of war before the commencement of every hunt, to fill our hunters with the spirit of the great hunting cat.

It soon became clear that we would have to continue the hunt in order to survive. Rose, the chief, selected another survivor, Prometheus, to hunt in her place as she continued to consider the question of our future. Rose, in her wisdom, decided that each hunt should have a leader, one who understood the ways of the beasts and could direct the others to act as one in order to slay it. (To this end, we decided to spend some of our precious resources to craft a leather armor and headband, so that the hunt leader could gain the action to look at the top two cards of the AI deck and put them back in any order. This was *enormously* useful, as it allowed my character to put the least harmful option on top before the lion's turn, or put the most harmful action on top before we were likely to get some wounds on it, so that we could consign its most brutal attacks to the out of play pile.)

The hunt was long and arduous. We endured frostbite, flocks of dangerous birds, and a tense hide-and-seek game in the tall grass before we found the white lion once more. In this fight it was the survivors who were in control, and the lion the prey. Prometheus used his knowledge of beasts to keep the lion docile and off-balance, while Artus used his newly acquired bone darts to deadly effect, firing twice for every time a normal man could've fired once. Before long the lion was dead, and the survivors were victorious. Our brave hunters had shown the darkness the strength of Roanoke, and there would be no new swords to name that night.

(And finally, finally, the lion testicles I had so coveted would be mine!)
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Phoenix Bird
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A good tale well told.

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