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Rick Grimes
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I am working on a variant of Zombies!!! geared toward Charlie Higson's The Enemy series. I haven't had a chance to try playing this version of it yet but I thought I would post the concept and see what people think. For those not familiar with the series the idea is that everyone over the age of 15 is infected by some unknown source that turns them into zombie like creatures. This leaves nothing but kids alive so a lot of them survive by finding well fortified buildings usually with some kind of supplies to hold up in. So I wanted to create a co-op variant that deals with the idea that your characters are kids and also rewards co-op but allows for breaking alliances and betraying each other as that sort of thing occasionally happens in the books when kids forget who the real enemy is. I am posting the adjusted rules. There are probably things I'm forgetting but generally the idea is that unless stated current standard rules would apply.


Makes it to a 6 square building, Kill all Zombies and Collect enough food for your group. To win you must be in a cleared building with enough food tokens to feed the number of players in the building. All buildings of 6 spaces or greater are considered good enough to make your base in.

Adjusted Rules


You move your movement roll plus the number of health tokens you have.
Logic: Kids are smaller and faster.

Food Supply

You need 3 food tokens per child in your building. You need to loot buildings for food. You can only loot a building once it is cleared of Zombies. Get to a building and roll 1 die to loot. On a 1 or 6 you find supplies. You roll a second time to see how many food tokens you get. You can’t loot the same building twice in a row. You can only loot a base (a building with 6 or more spaces)once per game and it only gives you 1 food token when looted successfully.
Logic: Children need supplies to survive. They can’t search until it’s safe. Bases have been inhabited by children previously and while safe they have less supplies.

Cleared Buildings

When entering an empty building, roll to see if it is still empty. On a 6 there is a new nest of zombies. Fill buildings with <6 spaces with the starting number of zombies listed on the tile. Fill Buildings with 6 or more spaces with half the starting number of zombies rounded up.


Fighting Zombies
Roll a 6 to Kill a zombie. Roll 3 to 5 to dodge. Combat ends but you remain on the same square. You must engage in combat until you dodge, kill the zombie, or die.
Logic: You’re a child and not strong enough to easily kill a zombie but again you’re small and faster.

Fighting Players
You can fight other players on the same square as you. Losing players can choose to concede if they lose an individual roll. If you concede the other player gets all your food tokens and you lose 1 heart.
To fight, you both roll 1 die. You can augment your roll with bullets. Whoever rolls higher wins. At which point the loser can choose to concede or keep fighting until one of you dies. Tie rolls always end in favor of the defender.

Combined Combat

Vs. Zombies

When you and a friend are on the same square.
Roll a 4 to 5 to Kill a zombie. Roll a 2 or 3 to push the Zombie 1 square away. If there is a free square they get pushed there. If there isn’t the zombie stays on the square but combat is over.

When your friend is on an adjacent square.
Single combat rules apply but players on adjacent squares can add tokens to your roll the same as if you played them yourself.

Vs. Other Players

When you are fighting another player and your friend is helping on the same square.
Players fighting together against another player both get a combat roll which gets added together but these rolls can’t be augmented by bullets or items.

Adjacent Square
Single combat rules apply but players on adjacent squares can add tokens to rolls.

Other than those changes normal Zombies!!! rules would apply. So what do you think? Any fans of The Enemy series on here?
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