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(Also posted in Design Theory, just trying to get as much information as possible!)

Hello fellow boardgame designers and (hopefully) wargamers! I've always wanted to design my own conflict simulation and always have ideas rolling around in my head, and what I'm aiming for is something modern / near-future, battalion to brigade sized units, and a LARGE emphasis on combined arms. Here's a few snags I'm running into...

- What is the best way to show the vulnerability of unsupported armor? I want each combat unit to have an "anti-tank" value of sorts, but with too many values comes too many rolls and tables.

- In modern conflict where warfare has become more deadly but less lethal at the same time, what would be the best way to represent that? Step losses, while ideal for showing the gradual degradation of a unit, seems a bit archaic.

- One game I've always enjoyed from the combined arms aspect is "The Korean War." It treats armor as assets that provides potential bonuses on an attack. Is there a possible way to modernize this aspect?

Looking forward to a great discussion and some suggestions. Thanks all!
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