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Subject: Guard Movement Response to Smoke Bomb rss

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Bryan Holtz
United States
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I’m curious if others think the guard's movement rule in response to a smoke bomb is in keeping with the game's theme.

So one example is:

(1) On the guard's turn, the guard has, say, 4 movement and is 2 rooms away from his destination room

(2) The player with the smoke bomb is in the destination room

(3) Before the guard moves, the player in the destination room uses a smoke bomb to obscure the room (adds 3 stealth tokens to the room)

(4) The guard then uses 2 movement actions to enter the room, which is now filled with smoke

(5) The player chooses to use one of the stealth tokens from the smoke bomb to hide from the guard

(6) The guard, having reached his destination, draws a new patrol card and, having 2 movement actions remaining, moves out of the smoke-filled room toward his new destination

Another example would be if a player dropped a smoke bomb in a room that the guard was simply passing through on the way to his destination room.

Wouldn't it be more thematic if the guard, upon entering a smoke filled room, had to end his turn movement there, giving up any additional movement actions remaining on that specific turn? Thematically, this could explained by the guard being distracted, trying to figure out where the smoke was coming from or search for someone in the room perhaps.
This would make it easier to slow the guard’s movement’s obviously, but it seems more thematic than the guard entering a smoke filled room and (having additional movement) immediately leaving and continuing on his way.

Perhaps this was already looked at during play testing and was determined that the smoke bomb made things too easy.
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