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Subject: Would someone shut off that Muzak?!?! rss

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Mike Schmidt
United States
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This, the second expansion in the Zombies_Series of games gives you 32 new cards(2 cards each of 16 new cards) and 16 new map tiles. This expansion adds a Mall to explore/raid while you try to escape a zombie disaster. Zombies!!! 3 can be used as an addition the the base game by shuffling the Front Door tile into the standard tiles. When the Front Door is drawn it is placed along with a crossroads tile immediately to ensure that your mall can expand a bit. From this point you can draw from either the Zombies!!! 3 tiles or from the base sets tiles. See below since there is a chance that the mall may not provide an escape route. You can also play it as a stand alone set of tiles for a shorter game by just using the Front Door as a starting point instead of the Town Square tile.

There is a new movement option in the game that allows you to move through air ducts from store to store. In every store and on the Helipad there is an air duct pictured somewhere. If you end your turn on an air duct, on your next turn you can skip your movement roll and move to the air duct space in an adjacent store or Helipad. Since you can get to the Helipad through the air ducts it does not need to be placed at the end of a hallway. You can place it next to a store so that the only way to get there is through the air duct.

There is also an Escalator tile that must be placed before the Helipad, since the Helipad must be on the second floor. Care must be taken that the stores on the first floor do not join with the stores on the second floor. Because of the Escalator requirement for Helipad placement, you have another option to the game. If you shuffle all the mall tiles(after removing the Front Door and a crossroads) together, there is a possibility the the Helipad will be drawn before the Escalator. As per the original rules, if you draw a tile that cannot be placed, discard it and continue your turn as normal. Alternatively, you can place the Helipad on the bottom of the Mall tiles to ensure there is an escape route.

The Good
- There are 4 others that allow you to be in any store or building and another 18 can be played at any point. The other 10 require you to be in a particular store in the mall.
- When used in addition to the base game, Zombies!!! 3 adds the ability for the game to end faster. Since the Zombies!!! 3 Helipad tile is shuffled in regularly. It could be anywhere in the tile stack, provided that the Escalator appears first.
- The uncertainty of whether there will be an escape route or not adds some extra fun.
- There are a couple of new scenarios to change the gameplay which can be used with other expansions as well. One involves rescuing people before you escape. The other starts a player off with the keys to the helicopter, adding in a King of the Hill type of mechanic.
-A nice addition to the game for a fan of the Zombies!!! series. In particularly, fans of Dawn of the Dead.

The Bad
- This expansion is unlikely to change your mind about the Zombies!!! games if you are not already a fan. As it changes very little of the game play.

As a fan of the series, I think this is an nice expansion, it is my second least favorite of all the expansions. Again, if you are not a fan of the series, this expansion, or any other expansion for that matter, is not going to change your mind as none of them change the game by much.

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