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Subject: Preview Review of Nemo's War from a Jules Verne Fan rss

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Jason C
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Hello BGG folks! I got the lucky chance to play test this wonderful game and I'am happy to you give my thoughts on NEMO'S WAR! 2nd Edition

Nemo's war is coming to it's 2nd edition "Finally" it's first edition was just a complete gem, you can see a video review by Drive thru review"s Joel Eddy on YouTube a wonderful review for an analysis on it's 1st edition iteration,any pictures you see in this post are PRE-Production contents a play test copy not the final version of the game.

Nemo's war is a solitaire game created by Chris Taylor and Published by Alan Emrich and Victory point games, it's a game filled with a thematic nuance of rich story,thought,and a puzzle that keeps you involved just like a Jules Verne novel and that's just the way I play it "what would Captain Nemo do" so much so that in the game itself it has a mechanic known as "motives" just like in the books (20'000 leagues under the sea) in which this game covers wonderfully it lets you play Captain Nemo's aspirations

As Captain Nemo you the player can "EXPLORE" the world and find ancient Mayan cities or the Great Barrier Reef and many ancient civilizations great mysterious. You can take a grand noble stance and become a "Anti-Imperialist" and fight against "imperialist"countries like Britain,Japan,USA,the Confederate States of America! Or the famous Squid monster from the books!
you may also go the way of SCIENCE and make scientific findings, or for you blood thirsty folks you can go to WAR!,and you may incite riots like today's media! *coughs* I digress... Any of your guilty pleasures by way of Nemo and his famous Submarine called the Nautilus and his crew and it can all be had in this game.

Speaking Of Captain Nemo's crew
you have some of the famous crew members from the book like Ned Land"the whaler from Canada", Professor Aronnax, and others that can be used as "Super Actions" of sorts in which you can use their abilities like +1 DRM (dice roll modifier) or re-roll dice or gain extra actions for a Price! And that is you "Sacrifice" them for the rest of the game which not only makes them super important but just like the book 20,000 leagues under the sea it creates a personal bond with that character a ingenious game mechanic!

Mechanically in the game you have different actions 9 with a certain upgrade to the Nautilus you may take that all cost different "action" points (and for all 1st edition fans there are many more choices in this 2nd edition than the first) that all cost varied points either 1 or 2 points.

1.Attack (intimate Combat) with a ship on the high seas!

2.Move The Nautilus to a adjacent Ocean)Travel

3.Rest To perform a "Test" to Gain 1 Crew on a action table which is directly illustrated conveniently on the board it self which is wonderful

4.Repair repair the Hull on the Nautilus (which for me usually disastrous) you test roll 2D6 on how the repairs go,they can go from Terrific! To "hey did I just make a whole in the ship..)

5.Incite you make a Test roll to cause a uprising on a Continent (think CNN.. ..) (you also can lower your notoriety)in which you may pull into port in South Africa and incite a rebellion with disgruntled miners at the Diamond Mines or incite a Political uprising in Mexico for there independence! (No doubt not helped by Donald Trump...) or many Different political rebellions from the Jules Verne Novel.

6.Search to make a test to collect treasures on the board and in a mug or Opaque container you pull a treasure and either gain it's benefit (resolve the event on the Token) or save it for Victory points at the end of the game.

7.Refit test to gain a upgrade for the Nautilus! Nemo's War comes with upgrade cards that have different point cost that make the Nautilus have different and better effect like Hydro Drive which make the Nautilus and it's crew Zoom! Around the the seas faster! (Trust me this upgrade is huge) it let's you customize the Nautilus that fits your needs!

8.Adventure draw a card on the "Adventure Pile" on the Map board there is a adventure pile space and next to that a "collected treasures space"

At the beginning of the game you Make 2 different card stacks 1 is your " event deck" that you draw at the beginning of your turns and the other (which is a Fantastic! Mechanic) is a "Adventure Pile" where you may pay 2 Actions or 1 if it's a Lull turn (I'll explain lull turns later on) these are a different deck shuffled from the remaining scene cards left that you created at the start of the game, you may choose to draw a card perform the Scene (the Adventure text on the card) and collect a treasure placed on top of the that card you drew (the treasure tokens are place on the Adventure pile via a Event card or at the start of the game if you scared Captains choose the easy mode cool(sailor level) in which 2 treasure are placed on top of the Adventure deck pile.

The Adventure deck is a wonderful mechanic in which you have to pay (use precious action points) to seek the Motive you chose at the start of the game Explore,Anti-imperialism,Science, War! Great to help your objective to earn more victory points at the end of the game literally it's a choose your own adventure mode inside of a game it's absolutely elegant game mechanic so in your travels around the world, if your Adventure cards (event deck you created at the start of the game)you are not finding your objectives (motive) you have a second way adventure to pursuit that Wonder you are trying to find or treasure you hope to haul on the Nautilus or that Dangerous monster you want to kill rid from the seas once and for all.

Let me quickly explain the lull turns*says in a scary voice* (they are bad)when you roll doubles

That happens at the start of your turn called placement phase in which you roll to place a hidden marker

Hidden markers are ships in the seas that are traveling in that section of the ocean but you have yet seen (revealed) it also doubles for how many actions you get, if your still in Act one of the game you roll 2d6's and what ever the difference between the high and low numbers is your actions for that turn24 for example you receive 2 actions for that turn But! Thent thent thenttt! (*cue the 1950's mystery plot sound) (how do you spell that out in written form...anyways) if you roll double you receive zero action points for that turn unless you saved a action from a prior turn in which you can only save 1 per turn up to 5 ( which good luck doing that Actions are like water in a desert world precious!).

There are 3 "Acts" in this game

Acts 1,2,3 (or intermissions) at the start of the game you create your deck depending on which "motive" you chose at the start of the game (objective) for each Act you get more dice rolls which can get you in trouble quickly! Act 1 you get 22 dice,Act 2 333 1 black one,only white dice are chosen for when Actions,Doubles (lull turns) results,the black die is for normal ship placement Act 3 you get 4 dice4444 Act 3 is mostly bad but some good when you get 4 dice,you choose your results so if you get a 3435 you can pick 3 5 for your actions which is 2 and choose not to pick the 33 which would be a dreaded lull turn which gives you no actions for that turn so that extra 3 die would be used for ship hidden marker/ship placement.

Final thoughts

What can I say Chris Taylor and Victory point games,you managed to take what was already a hidden Gem,and make it into a macguffin,the expansion set from the first edition is also in the 2nd edition which is terrific! I wanted this review to be a "personal thought" of this game but i wrote a general overview for new players to make some sense of what this game is about.

For me a lover of Jules Verne novels the first edition was wonderful and personal to me why ? Because it was a solo game I mean there is no way this could be anything's you and a book (in a game form)your Nemo and you and your crew are the renegades of the seas trying to rid the world of horrible governments menacing its citizens, pirates hunting pillaging the High seas, Monster devouring crews and ships in the Deep Ocean, you are awakening people and inciting them to stand up against their oppressors shooting Torpedoes, Fighting French Airships!(now you know that can only be in a novel only Jules Verne can write)

Although I had the test copy of the game the components are pre production beta copy and the art and map (will be a mounted map final version) are so beautiful and elegant,it did not come with the Nautilus (a miniature is the stretch goal!) this was what I used to play test

You have so many decisions more then the first edition, do you want to take a stand and make bold attacks in the ocean seas! Or Stalk (Cautious) your prey and concentrate on that ship for a bonus to just attack that ship.

Kickstarter cannot come fast enough, this is a MUST Back for solitaire players, Jules Verne fans like myself, book lovers who always wanted to get into board games,and people who love action and tension and a challenge in there games.

All that said I love Nemo's War and thank you to Alan Emrich for letting me play test this wonderful game that I hadn't played in a year since I lost it on a trip (it was in my luggage and the airlines lost it *waves fist*) can't wait to have this game and it's full components in my grubby hands and trust me folks you will LOVE this game. All i can lastly say is...actually no this is sounds more appropriate *stands up and applauds* to Chris Taylor and Victory point games, you are no longer the "little company that could with Nemo's War and Upcoming Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition, you've done it welcome to the company that did it.

P.S. Ian O'toole the Art sir is gorgeous.

Btw, is this game a challenge ? This is what happens to me when i get my rear end kicked, you do not want your map to look like this at the end of the game..
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Ori Avtalion
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This thread is a duplicate of Review Preview Nemo's War by a Jules Verne Fan.
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