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Subject: A Tale of Two Decembers [SPOILERS through December] rss

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Chris Sauro
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This is my first session report and I'm jumping straight to December so a bit of background on the campaign seems in order:

Our Legacy campaign was just two players: my roommate and me. We've played vanilla + expansions quite a few times and tend to favour a heavy control game so, as you might imagine, we'd done a pretty good job of keeping the board under control throughout the campaign.

Blue was our C0da virus with Madrid as our City Zero. There were only two non-blue Faded cities: Algiers and São Paulo. Besides two collapsing cities and a small handful of rioting cities, there wasn't much panic around the world. No characters had collected any scars.

Due to focusing on more immediate threats in the cubed diseases in the previous game we had no cities vaccinated going into December but we did manage to get starting factories in Paris and Algiers.

The first game of December was game #13 in our campaign and we'd only had one prior loss.

The initial infection was pretty heavy in C0da, largely concentrated in Europe, so we felt pretty safe abandoning our usual upgraded Rivals team of Dispatcher + Medic, instead going with the Dispatcher and the newly-created Immunologist. Given that we had to manage vaccinating 14 cities, clearing a huge, card-hungry search track, and not losing, we went into the first December game with the primary goal of making a second attempt as easy on us as possible.

The game started out well enough. The Immunologist was able to use some Aerosol to clean out and vaccinate the Faded cities threatening outbreak. The Dispatcher went to clean up cubes in threatening areas. The Immunologist threw down some more vaccinations around Europe while the Dispatcher went to Atlanta to search with a lucky Binoculars draw.

Somewhere around when the Immunologist drew the second pair of Binoculars we realised we might have a chance to actually win this one. Since we weren't focused on cures (we cured red for the improved Treat Disease but otherwise ignored curing) the search was actually a lot easier than we originally thought. We shifted our focus to go for the win. With the search knocked out and only North America and São Paulo left to vaccinate, both the Immunologist and Dispatcher doubled down on vaccination. The Dispatcher would occasionally fly across the world to defuse potential outbreaks but then he was back to distribute vaccinations.

Then tragedy struck in Istanbul. An epidemic infected Istanbul and the subsequent draw pushed it to outbreak. Still, it was Istanbul's first outbreak and it was only the third outbreak of the month. With only the vaccination of New York standing between us and victory, we paid it no mind, choosing instead to get the pieces in place to finish the vaccination.

Unfortunately, the turn before the vaccination could be completed, another epidemic struck and Istanbul was subject to another outbreak. We weren't concerned as there was no chain. But as we distributed the cubes we realised the horror: we had one cube too few left in the supply. One turn away from victory we lost by a single cube.

But, of course, we still had another attempt left at December. Because the vaccinations of the cities and the completion of the search objective both remain completed, we were entering the second game of December with only a single objective to complete: vaccinate New York.

A single complication arose. During the initial infection for game 2 the first three draws were Madrid (vaccinated), Paris (vaccinated), then New York. With three Faded and a military base on it the option for the trivial first-turn win eluded us. Of course, even with a third-turn win it was by far the easiest game of Pandemic we had ever played.

We did take the opportunity to abuse statistics a little, though. Since we knew the game was going to be trivial we took the opportunity to put the Medic back in play. Our intrepid Medic--creatively named "Doc"--won 12 out of the 12 games where they were present. And, by corollary, we never won any games where the Medic was not played.
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