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Subject: my variants part I: The Magical Objects Variant rss

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Demetrius Mavrou
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Since I have played FI more than 100 times, I came up with several ideas that (imho) could make this game more interesting.

So. What if the 4 Treasures were magical objects with great occult powers that affect the game? The main idea is that every Treasure has both positive and negative effects in terms of gameplay. Players do not have to use these powers, they are optional - but they have to use them wisely in order to help themselves.

The Earth Stone

(+)as soon as a tile is sunk, players may shore it up...
(-) ...then, players must either choose another unflooded tile to sink OR 3 unflooded tiles to flood.

* The Earth Stone power may only be used once per game and only immediately after a really important tile for the team gets sunk.
* don' t forget to remove the respective Flood card of the tile you chose to sink!
* if the negative effect of the Stone cannot be applied, neither the positive one can.

The Ocean's Chalice

(+)Lower the Water Level by 1.
(-) Players immediately discard 1 Treasure card from their hands.

* if players do not have any Treasure cards to discard, positive effect may be applied normally.
* players may apply the effects of the Chalice at any time, except when Water Level reaches the skull & bones.
* the Chalice magical powers can only be used once in the game.

The Statue Of The Wind

(+) At the start of their turn, before taking actions or drawing cards, a player may exchange positions with another player anywhere on the Island.
(-) if that player does exchange positions, they may not use their special ability in that turn.

* the effects of the Statue are totally optional; they are applied only for the specific turn of the specific player that decides to use its power. Every player may choose to use this power or not, as soon as the Statue is collected.

The Crystal Of Fire

(+) For the remainder of the game, Action cards are not counted in players' hand size.
(-) For the remainder of the game, no player may pass through or land on the two Caves.

* if 1 player decides to use the power of the Crystal, its effects are permanent for the remainder of the game and cannot be canceled.
* if the two Caves sink [or are already sunk], the positive effects can still be applied.

If anyone ever tests this variant, please let me know your thoughts.

After some playtesting, I suggest this variant be used on the following occasions:

(a) in Epic Water level
(b) when the combination of the characters in the game is pretty weak
(c) when you have chosen a really high-difficulty island.
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Domitilla D'Amico
Ferentino (FR)
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A revised version of BGG fan expansion is now available here:

It contains improvements in font kerning, typos and wording by professional designer and lecturer Marco Infussi.

If someone will print this (eg. as an ArtCows deck), a copy for my daughter will be much appreciated (my postal address via private message).

I'll post this here, and if anyone objects it can be easily removed.
Is it ok if I will post this in Forbidden Island files section?

Original files received from great BGG user R.C. aka BW.

Cloud folder contains single files and the complete .zip archive.
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