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Subject: Custom Race rss

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Kim Erican
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This is a very obvious idea and it has been surely discussed before in later threads, but I am too lazy to do any literature review on the topic, sorry for that.

With the addition of the new evolution tiles, making an variant race that could be customized, became just so much easier. A custum race like in MoO2.

So here is the idea.

-Take the Terran race sheet and home system.
-Substract the additional 3rd move and the Starbase technology and replace the trade ratio 1:2 with 1:3.
-Compensate the substraction with 6 mutagen, 4 science and 2 gold (the gold is for the research actions that would have been spent to obtain the techs and evolutions)
-The starting resources will be 6 mutagen, 4 gold, 7 science and 3 materials.
-replace the race picture with the Custom Race race picture from MoO2.

So here is it how it works:

-The Custom Race(s) has the Evolution Ability.
-Before the first game round begins but after the technologies for game round 1 has been drawn, the Custom Race(s) can make Research Actions but only Reasearch Actions.
-After the Custom Race(s) have passed, the Actions taken have to be paid accordingly but no income will be given. This can be considered to be the 0th game round.
-The Custom Race(s) lose the Evolution ability unless it bought the Advanced Evolution Rare Tech.
-Replace the number of Normal Techs bought from the Technology Sack to the Available Techs.
-Game Round 1 begins

If the 6 mutagen seems to be too small amount to be able to customize the race enough (for example you cannot buy the 8 mutagen prized Evolution unless you trade the other resources), there is a way.
-Replace the 3rd colony ship with 2 mutagen and 1 money.
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Ivan Alaiz
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I think that this type of conversion offers an easy way to balance player made custom races like the ones already posted as you can convert to the mutagen equivalent the different changes you made to each race...

If rather come with a prepared custom race using those rules than doing a zero turn...
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