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...I paid 100 GeekGold for THIS?
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Guess what? Nothing super conclusive here but just wanted to say that Horned Rat expansion seems to work great with 3 players!

This is good news because the consensus has been for years now that the base game really needs 4 players (or you're better off playing something else). It is tuned heavily for 4 players. People don't seem to necessarily single out the expansion as being in the same situation, but I think most people tend to assume that that's the case.

The expansion is a bit wilder and can take the swings that 3 player creates a bit more from what I've seen.

I previously used to disregard the game as a 3 player choice for the most part, but looking forward to not doing that going forward.

Something interesting is that things that are not really viable or are too weak to see play except in very niche circumstances in 4 or 5 player become credible threats in 3 player. Some examples:

* Upgrades. For example, Khorne's Bloodsworm (Cultist) upgrade, almost always strictly outclassed in a fully staffed game, needs to be reevaluated for 3 player games.
* Nurgle's Quest is actually playable, which leads to...
* Nurgle's Dial Victory (just had one tonight!)
* Dial Victories Period (usually a pretty horrible idea to go for in expansion with 4 or 5 players)
* Slaanesh (jk... sorta)

What's more, leaving out certain races really warps the game and changes the strategy in interesting ways that I'm looking forward to exploring more.

For example if Khorne is absent, battle dynamics are waaay different. Nurgle becomes the punchy one, with Plaguebearers being really great warriors that benefit a lot off of Havoc (best defensive card in game). Changes the way everyone plays.

I haven't had the guts to try the Rat in 3 player yet, but I bet that would be really game warping. 3 player Morrisleb hasn't really been explored by many experienced players to my knowledge, so there is a lot of replayability here if you can indeed mix and match races as you wish as I'm starting to suspect you can.

I've already gotten so much value out of this game that my board broke and my box is barely hanging on, so excited to know there is still so much unexplored game left.
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