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Subject: 4 Player rss

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I'll think of something witty to put here...
I had heard a lot of good things about Heroscape, even though it didn't look like it was going to be a good game. One of our gamers (Steve) bought a copy for £20 when he saw it on sale at Argos (he works there).

We played a four player map from the rule book, where there is a raised platform in the centre, with ruins on top, surrounded on 3 sides by water and the other side is a big hill (about 10 or 12 high). He got 400 points including a dragon, and had to defend a glyph. The rest of us had 200 points each and had to stand a figure on the glyph for a turn to win, which is harder than it sounds.

We roll for initiative, and I draft first. I pick the WW2 soldiers (Airborne elite), for 110 points because they can parachute in without worrying about getting up the cliffs. As my second choice I pick a hero, just so I can see how individuals function as opposed to squads, more than anything else. I plump for one of the Viking heros, I forget his name but it was the one that gives you a defence bonus.blush, for a grand toatl of 190 points.

Steve picks the flying woman and the elf sniper, along with the samurai. The others pick the MIB, the Alien creatures, the "Morpheus" guy, a big robot thing.

I get the first move, but decline my paratroopers because they'd just get slaughtered. So I jump in the river with my hero, and my turn ends there.

Over the next few moves, my hero begins to climb the hill, but quickly runs into Samurai. I make the mistake of attacking them in hand to hand, uphill, and took 3 points of damage as a result. ooops!

Meanwhile, the dragon and elven archer are busy shooting at the other players, so I ignore them. I fail to bring on my renforcements for a few turns, but they turn up slightly too late, as my hero has been stuck on the hills for far too long, unwilling to attack, but surviving everything that is thrown at him.

The parachute in on top of the big hill, in amongst the ruins.
One soldier is shot down before he can do anything, but three open fire and between them begin to chip away at Steve's units. One of the other players is now bringing his MIB up the hill, and insteadof shooting the elven sniper, shoots at me! So I lose another army man.

Eventually the Samurai get lucky, and my hero dies, but his special ability means that my soldiers now have defence 3. He was more useful dead than alive. Then steve's dragon takes a renewed interest in me, and flies back up to the ruin, physically blocking one soldier in next to the cliff face. In a last ditch attempt my other soldier is sent to stand on the objective and fire at the flying woman, but not quite enough. Heroically, my other man fires at the dragon, bringing it down to 1 hit point, but is eventually torched. Immeiately after that, my last man snuffs it and I'm out of the game.

The other players are almost dead by now, but the "Morpheus character polishes off the dragon, runs up the hill, past the Samurai without engaging, kills the flying woman (who is also on one health thanks to me), and triumphantly jumps on the objective.

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