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Subject: [Team 1103] July: “Cakewalk” (Spoilers) rss

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John K
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We played our 9th game on November 2nd.

Start of the Game

Mission Brief: Find the missing Virologist.

[Received] Virologist Search Track Card
[Received] Virologist Search Result Card
[Received] Action - Search
[Received] Rule Change - Set up search tracks
[Received] Rule Change - Search
[Received] Search & Target token
[Received] Epidemic Step 4 Sticker

Objective 1 (Mandatory): Discover cures to the 3 normal diseases.
Objective 2: Eradicate at least 1 disease.
Objective 3: Have a military base in each of the six major regions.
Objective 4: Quarantine 7 Faded cities
Objective 5: Find the Virologist in a Faded city containing a research station.

Players & Characters
Yong: Kira (Dispatcher)
Min: Shu Nay Nay (Quarantine Specialist)
Nam: South Virus (Researcher)

Starting Structures
2 Research Stations: Atlanta and São Paulo
2 Military Bases: Delhi and Los Angeles

Funded Event Cards (0 cards)
Since we won the last game, we had no funded event cards this game!
Major Events

Cured: Nam Virus (Blue)
Eradicated: Nam Virus (Blue)
[Objective 1 Cleared] Eradicate at least 1 disease.
Cured: Min Virus (Black)
1st Epidemic: Johannesburg (Yellow)

Using the rival relationship between Shu Nay Nay(Quarantine Specialist) and Kira(Dispatcher), we were able to find the Virologist very easily.

First, Kira discarded a card by building a research station on a faded city, which Shu Nay Nay picked up by using their relationship ability.

Then, Shu Nay Nay used that card to search in that research station to advance 3 spaces on the search track. (+1 for quarantine marker on city)
[Objective 2 Cleared] Find the Virologist.
2nd Epidemic: Mexico City (Yellow)
Cured: Princess Disease (Yellow)
[Objective 3 Cleared] Discover cures to the 3 normal diseases.

End of the Game

Result: WIN!
Win Bonus: At the start of the game of June, add both 1 starting military base and 1 military base to any one city on the board.
This was probably our shortest game ever. Our team was really in sync this game, using our character actions and other resources very effectively and wisely to our advantage. Another easy victory for Team 1103.
3 Cured: Princess Disease (Yellow), Nam Virus (Blue), Min Virus (Black)
1 Eradicated: Nam Virus (Blue)
1 COdA-403

Faded Cities
9 Faded Cities

Epidemics & Outbreaks
2 Epidemics
0 Outbreaks

Game End Upgrades
Starting Research Station on Seoul
3 Medical/Military Equipments

Original post from my Pandemic Legacy Blog: (Spoiler-free front-page)
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