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Subject: [Team 1103] August: “Scarred” (Spoilers) rss

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John K
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We played our 10th game on November 4th.

Start of the Game

Mission Brief: Find the Immunologist. Destroy the “Eradicate at least 1 disease” objective.

[Received] New Objective - Find the immunologist in a city that is rioting.
[Received] Immunologist Search Track Card
[Received] Immunologist Search Result Card
[Received] Rule Change - Self Sacrifice
[Received] Action - Self Sacrifice

Objective 1 (Mandatory): Discover cures to the 3 normal diseases.
Objective 2: Eradicate at least 1 disease.
Objective 3: Have a military base in each of the six major regions.
Objective 4: Quarantine 7 Faded cities
Objective 5: Find the immunologist in a city that is rioting.
Used Win Bonus earned in July to add one starting military base in Manilla and one military base in Paris

Rule Mistake: We were only supposed to add one starting military base and one military base on any “ONE” city. Whoops.

Players & Characters
Yong: Kira (Dispatcher)
Min: Shu Nay Nay (Quarantine Specialist)
Nam: South Virus (Researcher)

Starting Structures
3 Research Stations: Atlanta, Seoul and São Paulo
4 Military Bases: Delhi, Los Angeles, Manilla and Paris

Funded Event Cards (0 cards)
Since we won the last game, we had no funded event cards this game!
Major Events

Unfortunately(?), we did not have any rioting faded cities, so we had no choice but to give up the objective of finding the immunologist.
1st Epidemic: Chicago (Blue)
Cured: Min Virus (Black)
Cured: Princess Disease (Yellow)
Cured: Nam Virus (Blue)
[Objective 1 Cleared] Discover cures to the 3 normal diseases.
2nd Epidemic: Hong Kong (Faded City)
Outbreak 1: Lima

Since we started the game with 4 military bases, all we needed to do was to build 2 more military bases. So, we built military bases in Buenos Aires and Cairo and we were done with our 2nd objective.
[Objective 2 Cleared] Have a military base in each of the six major regions.

We were now approaching the end of the game and all we needed to do was to add a few more quarantine markers on the faded cities to win. This was not a very difficult task because we had Shu Nay Nay, the Quarantine Specialist.

Right before Shu Nay Nay’s turn, it was Kira, the Dispatcher’s turn. He had used up 3 actions to treat a few disease cubes and had one more action to spare.

So, with that one action, he moved Shu Nay Nay to Mumbai, a city with a few black disease cubes, so that she could treat the city on her turn.

Unfortunately, right after Kira’s turn, we drew an Epidemic card and then an infection card on Mumbai, causing an outbreak on Mumbai and giving Shu Nay Nay her first scar.
We added the “Hobbled” scar since we didn’t have any fallen cities on the board and that seemed to be the one that would affect her the least.
3rd Epidemic: Mumbai
[Objective 3 Cleared] Quarantine 7 Faded cities.

End of the Game

Result: WIN!
Received: Game End Upgrades
Received: Medical/Military Equipment
Received: New Character - Virologist
Win Bonus: Advance 1 search party 2 spaces or advance all search parties 1 space
Yet another easy win for Team 1103. The rule mistake in the beginning with the Win Bonus probably helped a bit, but overall the game was very manageable.

This game was the first game any of us got a scar. When we drew that Epidemic card, Min, our friend who was playing Shu Nay Nay was sad but my other friend and I were laughing hysterically.

It was funny since it could have been prevented if Kira did not use his action to move her to Mumbai.. haha oh well.. at least it wasn’t me
3 Cured: Princess Disease (Yellow), Nam Virus (Blue), Min Virus (Black)
0 Eradicated
1 COdA-403

Faded Cities
9 Faded Cities

Epidemics & Outbreaks
3 Epidemics
2 Outbreaks

Game End Upgrades
Starting Military Base on Cairo
Starting Military Base on Buenos Aires

Original post from my Pandemic Legacy Blog: (Spoiler-free front-page)
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