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Subject: Player vs. Player rss

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Joshua Bullock
United States
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Kings armory is a great tower defense game, but if you are looking for a tower defense game with both PvE and PvP then this is the thread for you.

Now we played 3 v 3 with a seventh player as game master. The game master was in charge on summoning and moving the monsters as well as rolling for them and choosing who the monster should attack in case of a tie.

A few notable changes to the game in order to play PvP:


You should have 2 spawn entrances one for each team. As well as some sort of exit for each team. Track each teams castle HP separately. These maps can be of your own design, but I suggest make sure each teams path is the same length. In order to induce more PvP make the path cross multiple times or always next to each other.


For setup, I suggest you lay out all the heroes on the board. Then randomly remove some of them based on the number of people playing. All players then take their D20 and place it on a character sheet. Members from the same team can not put a dice on the same character. If more than one team has a D20 on the sheet, each of the members with a dice on that sheet roll their dice and the higher number wins the character and the loser must select and alternate character.

Player order is very important and should rotate from team to team. Use odd numbers for one team and even numbers for another. You can always make them roll for positions just like the character sheets.


Use the same D12 and summon the same level monster for each teams lane and keep it on the same even or odd side of the path. The monsters do not need to be the same type, just randomly pick them up from the pile as you would normally.

Summoning bosses should be done the same way. Randomly pick a boss to spawn for each teams lane.


The team wins if it can survive as many waves as you are playing for and has more castle HP then the other team.
The team wins if all the opposing teams characters are knocked out during a wave.

Player vs Player

All characters can attack all other characters through normal means of combat. Simply be in range and roll a die against the opposite teams characters dodge. If you manage to reduce a character to 0 HP. flip the token over, or place a token on them showing they are knocked out. This character is now considered to be knocked out and can not resume play until an ally can resurrect them. The token should remain where it is on the map, for an ally can only resurrect them when standing next to them. This requires 2 action points and heals the resurrected player only for there HP regeneration value. You can also add half of the character doing the revive to the revived character HP if you feel the HP is to low of a revive. The character is then revived and can now resume play on their next turn.

If you would like both players to roll dice. I suggest that the defending players uses half of there dodge value. Then rolls the D12 and adds it to their dodge value. If you feel this is to easy let the defender use their D20 instead.

Reward cards

When a monster is slain, you should keep track of which team has slain it. At the end of the round, count up the total level of the monsters. For example if a team killed 3 level 1 and 2 level 2 monsters. there monster kill total would be 1*3 + 2*2 = 7. If one team has a higher number then the other, give them a bonus card for killing more then the opposite team. Do not take away cards from the team that killed less of their own monsters, the monsters were slain either way and they should not be punished for this.

Other suggested rewards
+1 card for no castle damage taken during round.
+1 card for all allies being alive at end of round.
+1 card for each enemy not alive at the end of round.
+1 card for each boss slain.
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