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Tricia Victor
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There is no better way to unwind than taking a dream vacation full of fun in the sun, relaxation and exciting excursions. In Epic Resort, players are building exquisite resort areas to attract heroes in desperate need of a vacation. Unfortunately for them, the increase in tourism also draws the attention of pirates, giants, monsters and dragons that bombard their holiday.Players will build and upgrade resort attractions, luring Tourist Meeples, Heroes and a few unwanted monsters. Staffing workers and heroes will be critical for defending off monsters and protecting your resort properties. Let this beautifully colorful game take you away to a tropical paradise!

Player Setup Area
Players begin with one beach, one tiki hut and one resource track card. During the game, players will have the opportunity to place a third attraction in the additional attraction slot. Place two meeples on the far two left slots of each attraction card. The blue and yellow cubes are used for the resource tracker. The blue cube tracks flair and the yellow cube tracks gold. Each player drawpile consists of three street performers, three lazy peons and seven apprentices.

Gameplay Setup
The Attraction Draft area is separated into three tiers of piles. Take the top attraction from each tier and place it below the attraction pile. Two attractions should be available for purchase from each tier throughout the game.

Place randomly selected Skilled Workers below the Attraction Draft Area. Four copies of each worker type will be added to each pile. In a two and three player game, four Skilled Worker piles are used and in a four player game, five Skilled Worker piles are used.

The Hero, Tourist and Attack cards are shuffled together to construct the main deck. In a two player game, lay out six cards face up to form the Card Dock. In a three and four player game, lay out seven cards to form the Card Dock. In the four player game, also lay out the Season Pass Holder Tourist card available for use. If attack cards are drawn during the first Card Dock layout,replace and shuffle them back into the deck.

The Monster Cards are shuffled individually by tiers and stacked with tier three on the bottom, two in the middle and one on top.

*Check the lower right hand corner to remove monsters if necessary. In a two player game, remove the cards with 3+ and 4. In a three player game, remove the cards with 4. The Tourist Meeples, Damage, Health and Lock Tokens should be easily accessible for all players.

Gameplay Area
A) Attraction Draft Area - Three tiers of attractions are available for purchase. Players can only purchase the top card from each pile.

B) Worker Draft Pile - Four to five different types of workers are available to train depending on the number of players in the game.

C) Main Deck - All of the tourist, hero and attack cards form this pile.

D) The Dock - Six cards are drawn from the main deck and laid out in a line to form the dock.

E) Dock Discard Pile - After the tourists are attracted to the resort, the card is placed in the discard pile. Any conquered heroes and attack cards are also placed there.

F) Monster Deck - When an attack card is flipped over, the card reveals which player and resort it is attacking. The game ends when all monsters have been exhausted.

G) Monster Discard Pile - When the monster has been defeated, it is added to its own discard pile.

H) Supply - The tourists (meeples), damage, health, gold and lock tokens.

Gameplay Summary
I) Get to Work - Players simultaneously draw five cards from their Worker Draft deck and place workers at attraction cards. Lose one tourist meeple for each symbol that is not fulfilled by workers. Then, players gain flair and gold based on each attraction cards numbers.

II) Actions - The Action phase begins with the player that holds the Harbormaster card. The player may choose to play one main action that consists of: Attracting Tourists or a hero to their resort, buy a Skilled Worker to train or pass when there are no more actions they can make. The Harbormaster card is attained by being the first to pass during the main action phase. Discarding worker cards for their abilities, using the attraction abilities or dispatching the workers to attractions are all considered free actions.

III) A Ship Arrives - The farthest card in the Dock is discarded. The Main Dock is refilled. If an Attack card is drawn, flip a monster card over to reveal which resort is being assaulted.

IV) Hero Rewards - If a player has a hero card, the health is moved one place to the right. Once the health is full, the hero card is scored.V) Clean Up - Lock tokens are removed from any cards, worker cards are placed in the discard pile and flair is reset back to zero.

Game End
Game continues with Phase I until all monster cards are depleted. Players total up the scores from the diamond symbol on the attractions, scored heroes and any remaining heroes on the resort attractions. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. If there is a tie, the players who have the most points from rested heroes wins. If a second tie breaker is needed, the Attractions with the most points, then the ones with the most Tourist Meeples beginning with the Harbormaster and going clockwise around the play area.

Eric Resort allows players to draft placement of workers which triggers selected actions. Strategic placement of workers is important when balancing flair and gold. Monster attack cards throw a wrench in the game because it adds the element of luck. The cards dictate the monster attacks which will fluctuate every round. Epic Resort has a large setup play area with lots of small details. Do not get bogged down in the amount of components required for setup and gameplay. The actions for each round are repetitive and quick and easy to pick up. Epic Resort isan enjoyable way to get lost in the tropics with your friends.
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