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Subject: SS vs LK (Jan 1, 2007 - 15:19) rss

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Ramon Garcia
Metro Manila
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Game five in a series of five between LordKuato and ss730, Uktenas vs Fiannas. I played a Quest deck, trying to get a windfall of small Victory Point cards while fending off the opposition. What a sad end to a great seires, though, completely anticlimactic, but the game was hard faught.

LordKuato: Guides-to-Truth, Jacky Gecko, Lamurun

ss730: Bron Mac Fionn, Gloom at Midnight

Setup Phase:
Jacky picks up his trusty 9mm Semi Auto Pistol

Turn 1:
Guides, wanting to prove himself, goes on a Quest of Valor, claiming he can take on all comers. The Fiannas play the Sky River Caern, effectively saying they don't want anyone coming to them.

Lamurun plays the Quest for Dominance during the Combat Phase, though it's almost a sure loss because he's facing a 10-10 pack. It's better served being played than clogging my hand. Gloom steps up to the plate and attacks Lamurun, nullifying his Quest. After some parrying and deflecting on both sides, Gloom loses patience and Frenzies. Jacky decides it's about the right time for his packmate to leave and Shrouds him.

Guides is Blissfully Ignorant of all these events.

Lamurun takes the battle back to Gloom. Some time during the battle, Lamurun gets hit with a Head Wound while Gloom's Eyes are Gouged. In order to help out, Guides looks into Lamurun's future. The Uktenas discover something they like. Lamurun presses the battle. Gloom plays Fancy Footwork. The Fianna are annoyed, the Uktenas are in glee.

Knowing Gloom is defenseless, Lamurun tries to Mangle him. Bron comes to his defense just in time and Distracts Lamurun long enough to allow Gloom to duck. Gloom, now out of Combat Cards, then Stands Like a Fool. Lamurun is taken back and combat ends. The Finnas have gotten away with luck.

Turn 2:
As a reward for his courage, Lamurun receives the Mantle of El Dorado and control of the Spring of Visions. He becomes Blissfully Ignorant of anything else.

This time, Jacky tries for the Quest of Dominance... not surprisingly, he fails. Gloom raids the Spring and, suspecting a trick, the Uktenas let the Fianna ravage it. Jacky challenges Bron, who has Balor's Gaze. Jacky had a plan in mind, but in light of the Gift, he stands helpless and is taken down by Bron.

Turn 3:
Bron has an Elder Stone now and a Nexus Crawler is detected hanging about. Guides looks to the future once again. Meanwhile, Lamurun goes on an Umbral Quest.

Guides and Gloom face off. Gloom ignores the Uktena and charges the Bane in the Hunting Grounds, playing Balor's Gaze. He tears the Nexus Crawler to shreds with a Mangle and a Leaping Rake. Just before it dies, though. The Uktena pull some strings with their Friends in High Places and give it a free ticket to safety... where it sits in Guides' sights.

The Fiannas have a few tricks of their own, though. Eye of the Cobra takes Guides away from his pack grounds. He is unable to attack.

Turn 4:
Guides completes his Quest of Valor. Lamurun is fully healed, we're all set for a new turn.

Guides has a Spear of Deceit and calls for three Environmental Action Groups to help him out. While he's doing this, Gloom sneaks up and take the Spear in his Sticky Paws.

It is then discovered that Guides is actually a Skindancer and he is removed from my pack and sent to the Hunting Grounds.

This is where I lost the game. Gloom attacks the Crawler as his alpha action. Lamurun sacrifices his Victory Points to regain some old Friends in High Places, ending combat. Bron then Geases Gloom right back. Had Lamurun chosen a Shroud instead, the Bane would have been safe. Instead it was dead.

Turn 5:
Guides is, again, Blissfully Ignorant. Lamurun completes his Umbral Quest and gains a Spear of Deceit as a reward.

During the Combat Phase, Gloom attacks and badly damages Lamurun. Luckily he has a Spear again and saves himslef. Opting to avoid combat again, Lamurun Finds a Mate.

Turn 6:
Finally, the Uktenas find Dark Moon's Femur and even up the odds against Gloom, who already has the Femur's ability built in. Lamurun is still badly injured, though, and when he's attacked by Gloom, he Fox Frenzies.

Turn 7:
The Uktenas call a Dreamspeaker Mage to their side for support and not a moment too soon. She's immediately put to use cancelling an Eye of the Cobra from Bron. The Mage protects herself with a Spear of Deceit. The Fiannas then steal the Mantle. Gloom draws an Elder Stone.

During the Combat Phase, Gloom attacks Lamurun. Guides interrupts and Shrouds Lamurun, ending combat. The traitor has revealed himself and caused the loss of his Blissful Ignorance. Lamurun attacks him but he flees into the Umbra.

Turn 8:
The game has been drawn longer than usual. I'm prepared to fight it out once again. Then, ss730 goes for the easy win. Both the Fiannas decide it's time to Winter Wolf themselves. Leaving the lone Lamurun hanging. The game, and the series ends abruptly. The Fiannas have snuck out a victory.

Final Score:
ss730: 39
LordKuato: 5
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