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Todd Warnken
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House Colos is a sourcebook for Silent Death covering one of the twelve major houses of the Silent Death universe. This 64 page supplement was written by Sheldon Greaves. Miniatures are available for the ships.

House Colos is one of the original founding families of the Terran Empire. With the fall of the empire they now lay claim to the remnants and seek to rebuild the empire with themselves in charge. Colos is a military powerhouse with a feudal structure.

This book has a section on various military decorations. As usual a catalogue of the systems controlled by the Colosians is included along with a roster of their well known squadrons.

There are only three scenarios in this expansion. They are small battles that can be resolved quickly. Compared to other supplements in the product line the selection is below ICE’s usual standard.

Like all factions House Colos gets some new weapons, the maxim lasers. These weapons have way of doing bonus damage. If your attack roll exceeds the target’s defensive value by at least two, extra damage is scored. They work best against traditional designs that have low defensive values and some armor. Against those types of ships it is relatively easy to roll well above the defensive value and the bonus damage can cancel out the armor. They don’t work as well against the newer designs without any armor and high defenses. The four weapons are:
• Stiletto uses 2D8 attack dice and does low damage +1 point for every 2 points rolled over the target’s defensive value.
• Epee uses 2D8 attack dice and does medium damage +2 points for every 2 points rolled over the target’s defensive value.
• Rapier uses 2D8 attack dice and does high damage +3 points for every 2 points rolled over the target’s defensive value.
• Sabre is a warhound weapon that uses 2D10 attack dice and does high x 2 damage + 4 points for every 2 points rolled above the target’s defensive value.
Adding this weapon to your game will influence your ship selection and design tendencies.

New ships and refits are offered in this supplement.
The Spectre is a small one man fighter. It has a pair of disruptorguns and six torpedoes. It is quick with a good defensive rating and token armor.
The Spectre II replaces the disruptorguns with a quad stiletto.
The Strella is faster and harder to hit than the Spectre but ahs no armor. Its only weapon is a triple stiletto.
The Strella II mounts a pair of splatterguns instead of the stiletto.
The Dracula is a three man fighter. It carries a twin epee and two quad stilettos. It ahs decent speed and defense. The ship display for the Dracula was omitted from the book in error. You can down load it from Iron Crown’s site at:
The Predator gunboat is small and fast. Its defenses are moderate and it has little armor. It packs a punch though with three ion rams, an epee, a pair of splatterguns, and six torpedoes.
The Totenkopf destroyer is a serious contender for the ship with the most weapons in the game. It has 2 sets of twin ion cannons, 2 sets of triple laztubes, four twin repeating blasters, four ion rams, and four quad splatterguns. While it has good speed and defense its armor is low for an escort. No miniature was released for this ship.
The Totenkopf II replaces the laztubes with twin sabers. Two of the ion rams are now twin rapiers and all of the splatterguns were removed to make room for two triple stilettos and two quad epees.
The Salamander HCR has three impulse gun mounts and five torpedoes. Its armor has been reduced but it is now faster.
The Death Wind HCR mounts an ion ram, quad stiletto, twin splatterguns, and four torpedoes. The defensive value and point defense were improved with this refit.
The Fletcher HCR is outfitted with a keel cannon, quad repeating blasters, twin saber, ion ram, four pulse lasers mounts (two 5 barrel and two 6 barrel), and four missile launchers.

Three ship displays from other products are reprinted here.
The Thunderbird II from Operation Drydock.
The Death Wind II from Operation Drydock.
The Star Raven from the core rulebook.

In summary, I think this is one of the weaker Silent Death supplements. The main reason to purchase this expansion is the new weapon system. Even though it covers one of the top powers in known space this book is one of the smallest in the line. I think that’s Iron Crown’s bankruptcy may have been a factor here. This was the last Silent Death product the old Iron Crown released. It just seems to lack the energy seen in other Silent Death products.
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