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Subject: Just another day at high school rss

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Richard Ibble
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The school hallway stretched before us; the doors to the lab beckoning. There lay our salvation. The hallway was a tangle of wrecked lockers and the bodies of students and teachers. Near to our right the large doorway led to the main school hall. The moaning shuffling sounds from that direction warned us of the approaching horde. Close ahead to our left, a jumbled mess of lockers created a tight passageway against the wall that would only allow one person through at a time. That way though was blocked by a creature dragging itself along the floor towards Kenny. Creature? I think I knew him once – he was in my remedial English class. He wasn’t that person anymore.

The five us were lined up against the far wall from the lab, our backs to the way out. But there was no escape yet – we needed the remedy lurking somewhere in the lab. Abigail was in the middle of us all, me, Dodge by name and Dodge by nature, positioned off her right shoulder. On the far right was the science geek – Larry. Left of Abi was Emily and holding our left flank, transfixed by the approaching ‘Z’, stood Kenny.

Further down the hallway there seemed to be some access hatches. Something was trying to clamber through them – with more to follow no doubt.

We looked at each other – we knew only one of us could escape to raise the alarm, locking the rest of us in the school. We knew we would have to cooperate - at least at first – and the shared nods reaffirmed that intention. We had managed to find a moment to grab what we could. I had managed to snatch up a fire extinguisher, Larry had some dodge balls, Kenny a mop. The girls both seemed to have found some type of energy drink.

A zombie clambered out of one of those access hatches. Abigail reacted first – charging forward. She seemed intent on finding a weapon and searched one of the corpses lying around – but got bitten for her greed. I ran passed her to the zombie and a quick bash from my newly renamed zombie extinguisher killed the brain hungry creature.

Chaos blossomed around me. Zombies were popping up all over the place – but most through that large doorway to the school hall. Larry and Abigail were close, but both a bit bothered by zombies. Kenny still seemed fixated as that zombie slithered towards him and took a chunk out of his leg. Emily saved him by crawling over the junk and bashing the Z. She said something about finding a map of the lab.

Cooperation was key – and Kenny, Emily and Abigail all cooperated by keeping the zombies occupied at the lower end of the hallway whilst Larry and I rushed ahead to open the door to the lab whistle. Larry got there first – and opened the door. More Zs of course – and I’m fairly certain one took a chunk or two out of Larry.

Behind us Kenny and Emily seemed a little swamped – to be honest I couldn’t really see them amongst the creatures. Abigail had just downed a few Zs and rather bizarrely was now wearing a football helmet. Go figure. A quick squirt from my zombie extinguisher knocked one over and I rushed on into the lab to claim the first antidote. It burnt its way down my gut. That hurt! What was that muck? gulp

I took a little while searching the lab for the antidote. The next vial I grabbed was pepto bismol to the acid and soothed the burning – the third vial did the trick. I could feel that anti-viral do its business.

Meanwhile, Larry had grabbed a cure and looked ready to leg it for the exit. Abigail was the worse for wear but had also just chugged the antidote. Kenny though – Kenny had been thoroughly chewed on and had joined the ranks of the undead! Not only was he one of them – he was marshalling the other zombies – and bringing them up block our escape. And there’s Emily – ah – no. There’s undead Emily, her eyes gleaming with canny evil intent.

Like a man possessed Larry did make that break for it, scrambling back down the left of the hallway as we looked at it, rushing on top of the lockers hard against the wall. He almost made it. Almost. A swipe from a zombie sent him sprawling and he was quickly cornered.

After a bit of skirmishing with Evil Emily and a canny drop and roll from me (Dodge by nature!), I bravely left the girls fighting amongst themselves and ran down the right side of the hallway. Gurgling noises behind me told of Abigail’s fate. Larry had turtled, barricaded in amongst the lockers. But that had drawn the horde to him – leaving me with a glimmer of hope – the route between the lockers and the wall! Good old Larry, cooperating still!

I had to clear my way through a few of the shamblers, but well timed use of the extinguisher and a serendipitous incident with a now zombie brain splattered tuba saw me to that passage. Evil Emily was hot in my tracks though and we traded blows. Undead Kenny’s sudden appearance leaping down from the lockers and blocking my way told me that Larry was no longer a rival.

Kenny wasted no time and was soon taking chunks out of me. I retaliated in kind and whilst his teeth were clamped on one arm I bashed him repeatedly with the other. I killed undead Kenny! My way was clear! Unfortunately Evil Emily had other plans and got me a solid blow from behind. The door out of the hallway was agonisingly close, but another Z had shambled up and blocked me in. My desperate hands grabbed onto something wooden – Kenny’s old mop! Somehow I now felt complete.

I swept the zombies away from me and flung open the door. The school exit was right there, mere steps away. Of course this meant I was faced with a zombie barricade. Evil Emily was back on top of me and after a brief struggle she flung me to the ground. I lay there, at the tender mercy of the slavering zombies clustered over me. I stared death in the face – and it drooled zombie slime zombie. But only one zombie bit me! Reprieved! I leapt back to my feet, twirled that mop around my head and cleared the way.

I sashayed towards the exit, dancing the mocking jig of victory as I exited the school backwards raising a double single digit salute to the snarling face of Evil Emily. devil
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Curt Covert
United States
Sandy Hook
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Great story/session report! I feel like I was right there in the action of the game with you! Perfectly describes the feeling of playing the game.
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