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Subject: Disorganized outlaws can't pull it off. rss

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Dave Wilson
United States
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Next up was a game that Heather wanted to be pretty quick. I went for a well known title that hadn't come to the table in a while, Bang!

We had seven players initially, but just after we started the rules explanation for Danielle who hadn't played before, Celeste arrived, so we brought out bits of the Dodge City expansion. That allowed an eighth player (a second Renegade), and also some new cards to fill out the deck some. We chose to only take the expansion cards that matched those in the base game, skipping the green bordered cards and a couple other cards, just to make it easier to explain. We dealt out the roles and the characters, and got started.

Heather, as Sheriff Kit Carlson, started by trying not to shoot at anyone, but needing to play cards. So she panicked cards from Dave to her left and Jeff to her right. She still had to discard. Dave, as Willie the Kid, knew he had a target on his chest, but since he was the Renegade he couldn't just come out gunning, either. So instead he panicked a card from Jim (not Heather, because then Heather would think him an outlaw, and come gunning for him). As it was, Jim, as the outlaw Herb Hunter, came gunning anyway, first with a Bang! (which missed), and then by calling in the indians. Carrie, as the outlaw Pat Brennan, and Celeste, as Deputy Slab the Killer, played blue cards mostly, but Danielle, determined to be a force of chaos as Renegade Jesse Jones, shot at Jeff. Jeff, as Deputy Chuck Wengam, didn't have cards to retaliate, so he just waited for his opportunities.

Well, after one round, no one really knew who was who. Okay, we thought Danielle might be a Renegade, just because her poker face isn't that good. But otherwise no one really outed themselves as an outlaw. So we continued. The feud between Jim and Dave continued, with Dave shooting Jim twice and Jim retaliating with a duel and Jail. Carrie got in on the fun by shooting Jim as well. Celeste thought the indians were fun, so she called them back into town. Alice shot at Carrie, which could have been in support of Jim. Jeff, who was robbed by Jim via Cat Balou, threw Jim in Jail to join Dave.

Next time around, Dave and Jim lost their turns, but both were hurting due to their scraps and the indians. Carrie took the opportunity to finish off Jim by duel, revealing him as an outlaw, and then with the reward shooting Dave. Dave was now at one bullet, and when Celeste played her Gatling, he needed to use one of his beers to stave off death. More indians from Alice had Dave using his other beer. He was on really thin ice now. But he'd been cooperating with the Sheriff so far, and Heather had a thought that Dave might be a Deputy, so the two of the worked together to help each other out.

Finally one of the outlaws came clean. Carrie, as Pat Brennan, could, instead of drawing two cards to start her turn, instead take one card from in front of any player. She chose to take Heather's barrel, and then lost Heather's rifle via Cat Balou. At this point, we knew Carrie was an outlaw. Celeste turned on her and shot at her (missed), but it didn't last long, as Celeste ended up being the second player killed. Alice went next, on a shot from Jeff after being softened up by Danielle. With Alice dead, Heather, who had some time ago decided that Dave was not, after all, a deputy, but rather a renegade, pulled a Volcanic, and pumped Dave full of lead, killing him.

So at this point we have an outlaw, a renegade, a deputy, and the Sheriff. Jeff and Danielle continued their battle, and Danielle, ever a force of chaos, played dynamite, hoping to do some damage. But just after she played it, Jeff dueled her, which ended up killing her and removing the dynamite before it could start around the table. That left only Carrie to defeat the Law. She was well stocked: a mustang, a hideout, a winchester (so she could shoot anyone) and a barrel. It was going to be a long standoff.

Jeff thought he could change things by playing dynamite on his own, even though he was at only one bullet himself. Heather, seeing his problem, panicked it from him and then played it herself. As Kit Carson, she had the ability to draw three cards at the start of her turn and choose the two she wanted, putting the third back on top of the draw deck. She planned on using that to hopefully cause the dynamite to blow up on Carrie. Of course, as Pat Brennan, Carrie could choose to take it from in front of her. But apparently in need of other cards, Carrie chose to leave the dynamite. And it started around the table. Once, twice, and three times it circled in front of the players as they exchanged shots and drank beer. But finally, on the fourth time, Heather was able to leave a small enough spade on the deck, and when Carrie drew, BOOM! She only had three bullets left, and only Missed cards in her hand, so she was killed, and the Law reigned supreme!

As usual, this one started with the random shots taken here or there. There wasn't a concerted effort by the outlaws, it was unfortunate that Carrie killed one of her allies. But I think it turned out to be a fun game, and even though I was eliminated halfway through, I liked sticking around to see how it turned out.
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