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Subject: A&A session report rss

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Justin S.
United States
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Justin (Me) - Axis

Jeremy (My twin) - Allies

Turn 1 - Well, he started out with the SOviet's turn, taking Ukraine and getting slaughtered every where else. I then launched a few counter attacks, taking back the territory. Belorussia was empty, but West Russia had 4 of my infantry, a tank and artillery, thus being fortress West Russia. laugh

Britain did a couple of local attacks, including destroying my transport in Africa, good luck Rommel Japan didnt do a whole lot, just built 2 Industrial complexes, one on Dutch East Indies, and one on Kuwantang (Or what ever it is called). The US then built many ships, and put them all in the Pacific.

Turn 2 - I bet you're wondering what happened to Fortress West Russia then, huh? It was annihalated!!!laugh He only lost 2 infantry in the attack against it.

Well, with Germany, knowing the allies were doing a kill Japan first, I built large scales of infantry to rush to the Russian fornt.

Britain moved many troops toward Kuwantang to take it over. Japan built 3 infantry there, along with the 3 already there. Dutch East built a transport, and infantry and an artillery. The USA built many more ships and started building land units, all on the Pacific

Turn 3 - Well, Russia made a defense line in Eruope, at Leningrad, Belorussia and the Caucusus. They also moved troops to attack Kuwatang.

Germany just began reinforcing the East Front with stacks of infantry, and even began reinforcing West Europe with the British begginning to look over whelming across the English Channel. Then interesting here, I had it poised so all i had was a fighter and a bomber in Libya, Only the US Bomber and UK bomber were in range to wreak havoc.

UK, wishing to strike the Luftwaffe, sent their bomber to hit my fighter and bomber. Guess what??? His missed and then I hit gim, he lost a bomber for nothing. laugh

Japan just sat there pretty much. They had to send the transport by Dutch East to re-take Borneo.

The US attacked Kuwantang (6 inf and 3 fighters there) with 4 inf and a fighter. Guess what? Big mistake. He wiped out 2 of my infantry, and I wiped out his 4 inf. and fighter.

They also sent the bomber at my fighter and Bomber in Africa. This time he managed to destroy my fighter, but I got him

Turn 4 - Well, the Soviets attacked Kuwantang with 2 infantry and 2 fighters. Lol, they lost 2 inf and 2 fighters, and I lost 2 infantry.

Germany began attacking Russia. Puched the frontline up. UK attacked Norway and took it . They also began to ripple up my African core. Best of all, the UK attacked Kuwantang with 3 inf and a fighter. Like always, I lost 2 inf and they lost everything.

Casualties at Kuwanttang:

Japan - 6 infantry
Allies - 8 infantry as well as 4 FIGHTERS!!!

US sent out their fleet.

Rest of the game - (trying to keep this review nice and basic, no details

Well, Germany conquered Moscow amazingly, taking few casualties compared to the Soviets. The US, with their large fleet, attacked Japan. All 3 of their Battle Ships bombardments hit, but Japan's AA fire destroyed his only bomber. This was a bog loss considering it was a double bomber (with that tech.) ANyway, he got slaughtere there too, with Japan taking few casualties. With 5 or so turns of the US's money income wasted, he sewed for peace. It would have only been a matter of time.

He had his share of fine victories (Like I lost a Battle ship and a transport, while he lost nothing by Japan), but all in all, I have won the war.

If there has to be a theme to this Session report, it is that fighters are very useful for defense
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