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Subject: Help with Warlock Buddy deck: Dark Buddy rss

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John Chief
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Hi Guys,

I'm building a core Warlock deck. I would like any suggestions you may have on how I can improve the deck. I have all the expansions to date, plus most of the promo. On the whole it's a really fun and Evil book!

1x Devil's Trident

1x Battle Forge
2x Mana Crystal
1x Ziggurat of Undeath
1x Enchanter's Wardstone

2x Blood Demon
1x Dark Pact Slayer
1x Zombie Brute
1x Necropian Vampiress
1x Malacoda

1x Plagued
1x Bear Strength
1x Death Link
2x Agony
3x Ghoul Rot
1x Poisoned Blood
1x Vampirism
3x Rise Again
1x Harmonize
1x Regrowth
1x Lion Savagery
1x Circle of Fire
1x Debilitate
1x Reinforce
2x Chains of Agony
1x Cheetah Speed
1x Magebane
1x Nullify

1x Dragonscale Hauberk
1x Mage Wand
1x Regrowth Belt
1x Ironvine belt
1x Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword
1x Ring of Curses
1x Eagleclaw Boots
1x Leather Boots
1x Gauntlets of Strength
1x Helm of Fear
1x Moloch's Torment
1x Lash of Hellfire
1x Sunfire Amulet

3x Dispel
1x Drain Soul
1x Repulse
1x Seeking Dispel
1x Zombie Frenzy
2x Dissolve
1x Explode

-Forge to equip and replace armor.
-Sunfire Amulet + Blood reaper. I only have 3 demons that I can give blood reaper so I try to have only one out at a time.
-Zombie swarm: I have 1 Zombie Brute and 1 Ziggurat of Undeath, but where the real fun comes in is when I quick cast Rise Again then kill the creature and use the warlocks special ability to return Rise Again to my book. Now I have a creature that cost me 50% of it's normal cost, plus my opponent have to be careful that the zombie does not kill anymore and make more zombies. Since I'm mostly tanking with my mage it is easy to pay the cost to raise again.
-Malacoda + Plagued: I cast Plagued facedown on Malacoda (need teleport) I would more/push/teleport Malacoda either at the end of the action step or as a final quick cast. During the next upkeep that would do 3 points of direct poison damage to everyone in the zone, that can be deadly, especially if you casted Rise Again on a weak creature.
-Wand+Drain Soul (Gain 6 life). Not the best deal, but it can really help against highly armored creatures.
-Necropian Vampiress: She is here because she is a great beater, plus she can heal herself, which is very nice in the dark school.
-Lash of Hellfire/Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword: (Depends on who I'm playing against, if I need more curses out then the Dark Rune Sword is the way to go. On the other hand, if it is damage that you want then the Hellfire lash is cheaper and more direct in it's damage.
-Reinforce will probability go on the Ziggurat of Undeath, but the Battle forge is also a option.
-The Mage will Tank: He will have a Blood Reaper Demon and maybe some zombies. The Mage will get Bear Strength, Vampirism (great healing in a school that is bad at healing), Lion Savagery, Circle of Fire(Vamp heals, what circle of fire can not deter.), Cheetah Speed and a Nullify.
-Zombie Frenzy: Since the newly made zombies are slow, this means you can bum rush with some nice and only slightly used creatures.
-Regen: 2 x Regen blelt plus Regeneration enchantment. Since most people try to disciple the curses they may want to save there disciple for themself.
-Attack Spells: I have a love hate reaction to attack spells, on one hand the effect conditions from attacks like Devil's Trident are arguably worth it. On the other hand, attack spells are high risk and high reward. A attack spell can do nothing or it could overkill it. I would personally prefer a creature to attack spell.

Vampiress: Since the dark school have NO real heals, it depends on living creatures to survive.
Bloodthristy: Can be a huge problem, but since your mage is probably in the same zone, this can be worked around.

Thanks for your input.
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Jonathan Challis
United Kingdom
West Berkshire
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Werekingdom wrote:

-Malacoda + Plagued: I cast Plagued facedown on Malacoda (need teleport)

That is illegal - Plagued is a Poison Condition, and Malacoda has Poison Immunity.

Also, no equipment destruction? I would run 3-4x Dissolve and 1-2x Disarm as a minimum. In a Warlock I'd swap out one for an Explode, and if you have Academy swap out one for a Crumble.
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John Chief
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Thanks for the input, I'll take Malacoda out and drop in 2 Dissolve and 1 Explode.
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