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Subject: Road to Perdition - Lantern Year 2 rss

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Bryan Lane
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OK, so I started writing this like the last session report, but there's an awful lot to cover (and I'm a crummy writer to begin with and I'm running out of adjectives. Heh). So let's try this one in a more condensed format (by condensed, I mean I'll strip out the super dramatic narrative). Hold onto your butt, though, it's still pretty long.

We last left the settlement of Perdition with 3 survivors returning from the first conflict with a white lion. Portia's sacrifice will be remembered, and Victor kind of stepped up to become the de facto settlement leader, and is taking a short hiatus from hunting to sort through some personal stuff.

I should also make a point of clarification that technically all that prologue stuff happened during lantern year 0, and the first lantern going out marks the beginning of lantern year 1. If you're keeping track at home, feel free to just mentally subtract 1 from all of my titles.

Where were we... the hunt! The survivors decide to hunt another lion, because reasons (I'm sure they have good ones, if nothing else, those lions are creepy... I gather they like to kill people so that they can run their hands over the corpses because they like how soft the skin and hair is. Lovely). Victor is sitting on his behind, so Naomi and Petronicus suit up and are joined by two new survivors: Holmgren and Ellaria.

Gear load out, if you're curious:
Naomi: skull helm, rawhide vest, bone blade, cloth
Petronicus: rawhide headband, rawhide vest, bone axe, cloth
Holmgren: founding stones x2, cloth
Ellaria: bone darts, cloth

Off they go. They set out with the wind to their backs, and the lion smells them from a mile away and starts in their direction because they smell like they're made of meat (true) and are probably nice and soft (also probably true).

Holmgren notices a face among all the others and decides to investigate. This awards him some courage, and when he looks it turns out the face is his face, but older and wiser. That'd creep the heck out of me, but he finds understanding and the will to live in that face. To each their own, I guess.

The survivors then run across some scratching grounds. Everyone decides to investigate (also awarding courage), but for Naomi and Holmgren their curiosity rewards them with some hand injuries. Petronicus randomly finds an eyeball, so he drops that in his pocket because, hey. Free eyeball.

Then they run into the big cat. Er... with people hands. White Lion (lvl 1). It intimidates Holmgren off the bat, which gives him a brain damage and knocks him down (sissy). Petronicus runs into a bug patch next to the lion and swings but fails to wound. Naomi runs up to the lion's face and swings and wounds him in the belly. Ellaria hangs out in some tall grass and throws a dart, which misses utterly.

Lion claws Naomi twice, taking one hit on her armor, the other in the head, which knocks her on her behind. Holmgren gets up (about time, wuss). Petronicus runs up to the blind spot and attacks, hits the tail but fails to wound, so the lion runs away, grabbing up Naomi and Ellaria in the process, and dumping them unceremoniously. Holmgren is out of range, so he decides to catch a bug. Way to stay focused, guy. Either way, he catches a Cyclops fly and sticks it in his pocket. Hopefully his mom doesn't find that in the laundry.

Since Naomi and Ellaria are having a lay down, the lion gets all bloodthirsty then tries to grasp Ellaria, who dodges a hit to the legs, then both women stand. Naomi circles around back and hits the lion's triceps but fails to wound (did I mention this cat is tougher than the last one?) and the lion hits her back in the head, twice. Ellaria attacks from behind (note - the FAQ was posted since I played this, and it turns out I shouldn't have turned the lion to attack, but it doesn't matter because...) and she misses, again. Ellaria probably needs glasses. Petronicus is out of charge range, so he uses his headband to reorganize the lion's behavior - let's say it's more that he's reading the situation, that's more thematic I guess. Holmgren also can't quite reach, but throws his stone which hits and crits the lion in his heel. Lion now has a ruptured Achilles tendon and gets knocked down.

Lion stands up and bats Naomi around. Naomi dodges the hit to the legs. Ellaria distances herself and throws a dart which miraculously hits the lion in the back and wounds him. Naomi's arms are chewed up, so she sneaks off to an acanthus plant to try to find some acanthus. No acanthus, but she finds something tasty, and she gets her survival back. Petronicus backs up to some grass and uses his headband to read the situation again, and Holmgren waits, hoping the cat will have to come to him and that tendon will act up and the lion will instead fall on his face.

Well, nice plan, but betting on a 10% chance is never really sound odds, I guess. Lion busts out a combo claw on Holmgren, but only comes close on one of the two hits, which big H dodges. Petronicus bursts out of the grass and shanks the lion from behind, wounding the strange hand and elbow. Naomi attacks from the flank but misses twice. Ellaria throws another dart into the night somewhere... no idea what she's throwing at, but it's keeping her busy I guess. Holmgren flanks and attacks, critting the lion in the chest (quick note, he rolls to try to one-shot the lion on a lantern 10, but rolls a 9! So close!) and randomly receives a lion claw for his efforts. So that happened, I guess.

Simba takes a couple more swipes at Naomi which hits her twice. She dodges the hit to the hand to avoid a serious injury roll, but the hit to her body knocks her down and feeds the lion's bloodthirst. Holmgren is already behind the lion so he attacks (whiffs) and moves away because he's apparently still confident in this hope that tendon gives out plan. Ellaria retreats to the grass and pitches another dart into the night at nothing in particular. Petronicus moves in behind and hits the lion in the ribs, but doesn't wound.

Lion steps over Naomi (tendon holds), walks over to Ellaria and bats at her twice (technical note - Simba needs 7s to hit thanks to the grass, but rolls an 8 and 9 because of course he does). Ellaria's heavily wounded in both head and legs and is knocked down. Naomi stands and attacks from behind, hits the lion in the knee (no wound) and ear (wound), then dances away. Petronicus moves into the blind spot and attacks, hitting him in his maw, but failing to wound... again... which prompts a roar which knocks Petronicus down... and forces a trauma roll. He frenzies! He gains 4 insanity, extra speed and strength but now he can't spend his survival until he calms down. Holmgren follows up by waving his rock from behind the lion, which does precisely nothing.

Lion's bloodthirst boils over for a free attack, which lands on Holmgren (apparently not a fan of his antics) twice in the arm. He dodges one of them to avoid the serious injury roll but he gets knocked down. Lion goes on to bat Naomi around after moving over to her (tendon holds again), kicking Petronicus out of the way in the process, and hits her in the waist, which shreds her cloth "armor".

Ellaria moves behind the lion and spikes another dart into the ground (thanks for coming out). Petronicus gets up, panties in a twist, and charges the lion. Attacks and lands one in three, but fails to wound the temple because Petronicus is a wimp even when he's angry. Naomi flanks and crits the lion in the neck. THE NECK. He gets knocked down, allegedly paralyzed, but manages to stand right back up immediately. Is this a lion or a honey badger? He gives precisely zero f***s about paralysis.

The big kitty bats Petronicus twice, shredding some body armor and scratching his dainty little hand. He takes some brain damage too, but he's pretty crazy by this point. Ellaria again fails to hit with a dart. Terrible. Petronicus finally gets angry enough to smash the lion twice - a wound to the flank, which makes him a priority target (I'm sure he's real scared at this point, because) he follows by wounding the lion in the paw, which apparently was enough to kill the lion. Talk about an anticlimactic wound to finish him off, but at least Ellaria can give her arm a rest and hit the showers.

Reward time! All told, survivors all come home safe (wow!) and bring with them:

1 monster bone
1 skull
1 monster organ
2 great cat bones
1 lion tail
2 lion claws
1 eye of cat from Pete's pocket
1 cyclops fly from Holmgren's pocket
1... ??? what the hell is this thing? I guess it's some kind of... bony... hide-y... organ thing? Sure. One of those.

Plus, they get the idea for this Catarium place that makes stuff from cats. Seems legit.

Whew. Back at the settlement. Naomi ages, gaining sword proficiency and the extra sense fighting art (she can now dodge twice in a round). Pete ages, gaining axe proficiency and the rhythm chaser fighting art (he now gets a +1 evasion token the first time he crits in a showdown, provided he's not using heavy equipment).

The four get back, and apparently some jackass has the brilliant idea to hold this big "triathlon of death" which consists of a race, a fight and a... debate. Great sportsing guys. Anyhow, Ellaria and Holmgren decide to take part, and are joined by two rando survivors: Andariel and Vega. This is super long, so let's skip to the results (rewards in parentheses):
1. Ellaria (+1 movement)
2. Holmgren (+1 courage, which triggers the Bold event, which he flubs the roll for, but earns him a reroll on an endeavor roll this round and the matchmaker ability)
3. Vega (rawhide boots)
4. Andariel (torn achilles tendon, which basically means she skips the next hunt)

1. Ellaria (skull)
T2 Andariel (+1 understanding)
T2 Holmgren (+1 understanding)
T2 Vega (+1 understanding)

T1 Holmgren (would get a weapon proficiency level, but don't have a weapon proficiency)
T1 Vega (would get a weapon proficiency level, but don't have a weapon proficiency)
3 Ellaria (Monster Claw Style fighting art)
4 Andariel (dismembered arm... nice. No 2h weapons for you).

The triathlon wraps up and some eerie screams echo through the camp. Victor calms everyone down, which gains him some understanding and courage, and the returning survivors all gain an insanity.

Ellaria eats the cyclops fly and gets an apparently sorely needed accuracy improvement.

Innovate: Symposium (allows for super innovates in the future).

Holmgren auguries (rerolls which ends up worse), loses a monster bone but gains an understanding, which triggers the Insight event. He gets the tinker ability and an accuracy bump.

Holmgren plays matchmaker with Victor and Naomi, which produces a baby boy (Arakor). The two form a deep bond and gain a bunch of survival.

Victor auguries, loses a scrap, but gains an understanding, which triggers an insight event. He also gets the tinker ability as well as a strength bump.

The settlement builds a bunch of stuff before the end of the lantern year:
cat eye circlet
2 skull helms
lion beast katar

Well, I guess that's it for this session. I took some pictures, but they were pretty terrible and didn't add much, so I left them out. Thanks for hanging out. See you next lantern year!

Cross-posted from my blog.
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