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again a brake down of actions taken and results
* i am doing in engaging/targeting in the right order i just note it down backwards

from previous quest both heros have upped the gear carry options so can carry 2 items

and both have got 2nd level in there ready action skill. aid for dwarf and rest for priest

Turn 1

Location Forge 0/9

Dwarf 0/26 engages Odius Grump(boss from last adventure) +Gutter Rat
Priest 0/27 Jezzel team which moves to shadows

Dwarf Aids for 4 sending tokens to priests Att and Aid
Priest Aids For 3 sending tokens to Dwarfs Att and Explor

Dwarf Attacks for 4 & takes 1 wound and wounds the Grump
Priest Attacks 6 Engages and Kills Grump

Onslaught both heros take damage
Peril phase does forced damage this quest

Turn 2
Forge 0/9 in Shadow and Jezz team
Dwarf is engaged with Goblin and Cutter
Priest nothing

Priest Rests for 3 to heal and empower self
Dwarf Explores for 3 and takes 1 damage finds a candle and horned helmet
Priest Attacks for 4 engages and kills Gutter
nemesis effect causes both heroes to become sickened

Onslaught and Peril
(by onslaught mean all unexhausted enemies activate)

Turn 3
Forge explored 4/9 in shadow a Jezz Team
Dwarf hp 7/27 engages to goblin warrior
Priest hp 5/27 nothing engaged

Dwarf explores (need to find the warpstone)4 and takes 4 damage
Flies of nurgle no effect
Priest explores 4 perilous path also ignore

Dwarf attacks 1 and blocks incomeing damage
Priest rests for 2 and empowers the dwarf

(Resting removes the sickness)

and Travel to Treasure vault

Turn 4
Vault 0/8
Dwarf is 7 /26 Goblin Wolf and Gutter
Priest is 6 /27 Ghoul

Priest attacks for 8 and takes 2 damage
engages wolf and ghoul kills both
Dwarf Rests for 5 and exhausts the Gutter rat
Nemesis causes dwarf to become sick again

Priest explores and finds the warpstone!
Spoiler (click to reveal)
you need to exhaust and action to remove the warpstone and im out of actions to exhaust! think this lost me the game!

Dwarf Aids for 3

Survive the onslaught
Peril has upped the damage and started to exhaust actions

Turn 4
Vault 4/8 in shadow nothing
Dwarf is 7/26 with a gutter rat
Priest is 10/27 with Goblin and Gutter rat
both are Sick

Dwarf Aids 3 this engages and exhausts the elite Rat
Priest Explores 3 1 short due to sickness but find explosive barrels
Dwarf rests 3 to exhaust 2nd rat
priest rest for 5 takes some damage and empowers self

survive the onslaught

Dwarf uses the location to get gear and spawn and enemy gear is a nice war hammer enemy is a Jez team sent to shadows

Peril damage and exhaust actions

Turn 5
Vault is 7/8

Dwarf 8/28 gutter elite gutter and elite Jez
Priest 8/27 Goblin

Priest Attacks 4 engages cutter and uses explosive barrels
kills Gutter and Goblin while taking some damage

Dwarf Aids 2 and takes damage

Priest attacks 5 engages and kills elite gutter rat
Dwarf Explores and finds dispare which using his power he sends to bottom of deck

(realize the Jez team should have moved to shadows no major changes needed)

survive onslaught and peril

Turn 6

Winding Tunnels 0/6 in shadows 1
Dwarf 14/26 Wolf elite
Priest 11/27 Spider

Dwarf Aids for 2 and engages exhausts spider
priest rests 2 empowering dwarf
Dwarf Attacks for 3 2 wounds to wolf and exhausts with hammer
takes some damage back
Priest Explores 2 and finds a healing salve

Survive the onslaught
and peril is upto 4 damage and exhaust 2 actions

Turn 7
Tunnels 2/6 Shadows have a Jez Team and 1 unknown

dwarf 18/26 Elite wolf and giant spider
priest is 11/27 nothign engaged

Dwarf Explore for 4 and completes the location
but takes damage
find the warpstone and clear it!

Priest attacks for 3 and engages and kills spider

Dwarf Rests for 5

Survive attacks and Peril is down slightly

Turn 8
Poisonarium 0/8 4 shadow cards

Dwarf is on 15/26 wolf and bat
Priest is on 15/27 with a rat swarm

Dwarf aids for 3 to engages and exhaust swarm
rolls nemesis and the nemesis is hidden so no effect??
Priest attacks 2 engages and finishes off wolf
Dwarf aids 2 and blocks incomeing damage
Priest Rest for 4


turn 9

Poision 0/8 BOss Unkel is in shadow
Dwarf is on 22/26 with Bat and elite Swarm and Clan rat
Priest 18/27 with 2 Rat swarms

Priest attacks 6 to kill both his swarms
Dwarf Rests Exhaust clan rat blocks incoming damage
Spoiler (click to reveal)
i can not heal as im in red peril i forget this so i should lose any turn now but i play it out to 12 turns! and keep healing

Priest Rests 2 empowering
Dwarf rests

Onslaught and peril

Turn 10
Poison 0/8 with boss in shadow
dwarf 18/26 bat rat and clan rat
Priest 22/27 nothing engaged

Dwarf aids for 3 taking 3 damage now 21/26
Priest attacks 6 to engages and kill boss Unkel
Dwarf rests for 3 and blocks incoming damage
Priest explores for 3 and finds a horn

Survive the onslaught

Turn 11
Poison 3/8
Dwarf 23/26
Priest 24/27

priest uses horn to exhaust 2 enemies with dwarf
and rests for 2

dwarf explores 2 and finds a shrine

priest explores 1

dwarf aids for 4

survive attacks and peril

turn 12

Poison is 5/8
Dwarf dies in last peril phase
Priest is on 26/27

Priest kills a clan rat
and rests for 6 when i realize i can not heal due to peril stage!..

Onslaught phase will kill the priest with 2 enemies out..

Heros run for there lives!!! we lose

probably should have ended a little sooner due to missing the no heal rule...

felt close felt unlucky that the warpstone was 4th card down each time and was caught out 1st time due to not know the keep a action ready for it rule!

warpstone i think said shuffle in to top 3.. so i took top 3 dungeon card and shuffle the warp stone it woudl be 1 2 3 or 4

i would reset the game if i was only ment to take 2 card and shuffle warpstone it would be 1 2 or 3

other wise i'll take my loss and continue

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