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Subject: LK vs FL (Jan. 7, 2007 - 2:23) rss

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Ramon Garcia
Metro Manila
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A very drawn out game that was more trouble to Fenris than she had expected. She was able to delay very effectively, but I luckily drew the one card that could thwart her. The game was very close and very long (9 turns!!!). We both went over 20 VP's

LordKuato: Barnaby Shadrack, Harold Zettler, Judas

FenrisLorsrai: David MacKenzie, Laughs-at-Death, Markhat, Shakar

Setup Phase:
Barnaby Shadrack buys himself a Submachine Gun from his local thrift store.

Turn 1:
Early on in the game, White Father pays a visit to both our packs, giving us a little card boost. With him, he brings some buddies, a Pentex Forestry Team and a Glade Child.

Nothing else happens during the turn up till the Combat Phase. It's time for me to find out what I'm up against.

Markhat and Harold are selected as alphas. David sings the Chant of Morpheus, sending Harold to a sleepy place. This allows Markhat to go after the Forestry Team. The Bastet has Battle Fervor. The Forestry Team members try to apply a Submission Hold on the werecat, but they are easily overpowered.

Barnaby has a Benefactor's Boon, boosting his Health at the expense of his Rage.

Just before the turn ends, Markhat slaps my pack with a Night Terror. Thus the deck is revealed. A card denial deck!

Turn 2:
The tables are turned as, now, the mixed Gaia pack have the card advantage.

Mismatched Prey enter the Hunting Grounds: Drunken Vandals and Nocturna.

Markhat and Harold again square off, but Harold gets Lost in the Jungle and, for the second time in as many turns, misses his alpha action.

Markhat goes after the Drunken Vandals but, instead, runs into the Vampire, Harold. They clash for several rounds and Markhat withdraws after suffering from a Head Wound, leaving no clear victor.

Laughs-at-Death then uses Lord of the Jungle to attack Judas. No contest, Judas is done for.

The mixed Gaia pack launches a Telemarketing Campaign against Pentex.

Turn 3:
A second Nocturna appears.

This turn, Laughs-at-Death is alpha against Harold, who's In the Public Eye. He finally gets an attack and he chooses the Glade Child as his target. The spirit is agile and avoids all of Harold's efforts. As she goes around a tree, though, she bumps into Barnaby's Body Slam. He came in to Reinforce his colleague. The Glade Child is out cold.

Laughs also has trouble finding the Drunken Vandals and runs into Harold just like Markhat had. After receiving minor damage, she relents, but not before Markhat can toss in another Night Terror.

Turn 4:
Markhat is Geased by Laughs against the elusive Vandals. The Gaia pack finally take them down. Seeing the effectiviy of the tactic, she again Geases Markhat. This time, it's against a Nocturna! Markhat has Battle Fervor. The spirit survives, though, after hitting the Bastet with a Head Wound, then slinking off.

Markhat quicky Fast Shifts into the Umbra. I fear something bad is going to happen. Back in the physical world, Harold is alpha opposite him.

To prevent an easy kill from the Gaians, Harold takes it upon himself to finish off the injured Nocturna. A Battle Fervored Markhat goes after the other. It's a bad day to be a Nocturna, two of them have fallen.

Turn 5:
Finally! I am able to draw and better my chances. I hope I can pull some vital cards. Before I can do anything, though, Shakar uses Lord of the Jungle to attack Harold. A big mistake on his part and he pays for it with his life. Harold stalled the first round and surprised Shakar with a Body Slam on the second, too much for the Bastet. Harold gloats over his sneakiness.

Pentex sends over some valuable resources. Both Executives receive 9mm Semi Auto Pistols. Barnaby receives the Mantle of El Dorado and an Arms Dealer lends a hand as well, he's selling more 9mm Semi Auto Pistols.

Having become useless, the Arms Dealer tries to prove himself by becoming alpha against Laughs. A Chant of Morpheus is sung to him, though and he abruptly falls asleep.

Laughs passes and the turn ends.

Turn 6:
White Father comes to visit Pentex.

There seems to be a party somewhere, Drunken Vandals are all over the place.

David and Harold are in the mix. Harold is cautious, being In the Public Eye again. He spots and attacks David. After some posturing on both sides, Harold call Pentex for some Reinforcements... they send firepower. Fearing this situation, Laughs Geases Zettler to a Vandal. The punks don't last very long.

David, knowing where Harold was, goes for the other Vandals. Gaia is very bad at finding those and David also runs into Harold, first. He's smart enough to withdraw at the earliest possible time.

Turn 7:
A Pentex Forestry Team seems to be headed straight towards the Gaian alpha, David. Harold, being Lost in the Jungle while In the Public Eye spots them. He jumps before the Battle Fervored Garou before the Team can come close. David backs off and the Executives suffer from more Night Terrors. This does not matter. My Sept deck is empty.

Turn 8:
Another Glade Child enters the Hunting Grounds, attracting Harold and Markhat. Harold is really bad in the wilderness and again gets Lost in the Jungle.

Markhat binds the Glade Child.

Turn 9:
Not learning from Shakar's previous mistake, Markhat uses Lord of the Jungle to attack Barnaby. The gamble pays off. Barnaby can not defend himself well enough.

Harold faces Markhat during the Combat Phase and attacks. Harold is peeved at having his pack decimated and pummels the Bastet with Head Wounds.

It is not enough, though. The Gaians have gotten more Victory Points.

Final Score:
LordKuato: 24
FenrisLorsrai: 27
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