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Subject: TriBond: another party game rss

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michael crow
United States
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TriBond is a family party game where the players get three bits of info and have to connect the three by what they have in common. The version that this review is for is the "Best of TriBond" which takes the best riddles from the first ten years and adds 500 more to them. TriBond is a serviceable party game that you can use as a change of pace for others like Apples to Apples and the like. The riddles are challenging and the ability to challenge others for their spot on the board makes this game enjoyable and competitive. While TriBond is a fun game it does get very repetitive and the lack of variation lowers the replay value.

The basic rules are that there are three tracks on the board and each player has a pawn on each track. When it is your turn you roll the six sided die and the category die. The player to your left reads the three clues for the category that you rolled and then you have to guess what all three have in common. If you get it right you can move one of your pawns the number of spaces that you rolled on the six-sided die. Pretty simple, right? The first player to get all three of their pawns to the finish boxes wins. This does not mean it is a simple race to the finish, because there are challenge spaces and you can roll a challenge on the category die.

Challenges make the simple gameplay a little more strategic. If you roll a challenge on the category die or land on a green challenge space on the board , you can challenge an opponent who has a pawn further up the board. When a challenge occurs the player places his piece next to the pawn the mean to challenge and one of the players not involved in the challenge reads that challenge question to the players. If the challenging player wins, they take the spot of the pawn they challenged and the loser goes to the previous spot where the challenger was. Challenges can create massive swings in the game and help ensure that there are no runaway winners.

Another thing that levels the playing field a bit is the "free roll" slot on the category die. If you roll a "free roll" symbol on the die you get to automatically move the number you rolled on the six-sided dice, without having to solve a threezer like you would any other time. This keeps players who are not quite as good at solving these sorts of riddles in the game.

TriBond does get repetitive fast and thus the replay value is pretty low for a party game. Since solving a riddle given three pieces of info is the only type of riddles you get, players can find themselves getting board with the concept after only a few games. The did try to mix it up a little with picture cards, where you get three pictures and have to tell what the three have in common, but it was not different enough from the base game mechanics to help.

Overall TriBond is worthy competitor on the party games scene, but will be the underdog to all of the top games. It seems best suited for a fill in game for your regular party game or just to get a change of pace.

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