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Subject: Large Board rss

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Wiz Wiz
United States
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Playing 3 boards in 1 huge game ....
Here is what I have to start with ...

Use Runebound 2e, IOD & SOAK gameboards.

1) Board layout:
With the Rune board in front of you, Vynelvale to the South,
place the SOAK board on the south side with the road of Way of the Exile pointed North & lined up with the Southern road from Vynelvale. Any hex that is top half Rune & bottom half SOAK, the terrain type is from the Rune board.
On the North side of Rune, the road North from Greyhaven, place the hex South of Garnoff against this hex. The road continues into Garnoff. The sea, Torrents of Dread, blocks all land hexes North off the Rune board from the Crimson Forest. This keeps all of the islands of IOD, islands.
This lines up the 3 boards in 1 long column.

2) Movement:
All movement rules for each board apply to the movement on that board.
The Teleport item card only allows a hero to move within the board they are currently on. The restrictions on IOD teleporting still apply. The sandstorm stays on the SOAK board.

3) Heros:
Each player starts with 2 heros, 1 in Vynelvale the other in Garnoff.
They play as a team working on Legendary Quests. They roll seperate movement rolls for movement. Both Heros must have the same Legendary card limit to draw a Legendary Quest.

4) Event cards:
Each board is only affected by the event cards that drawn for that board.
IOD & SOAK keep their original events.
The event cards of Rune can be modified by the expansion decks, so play them as you have them put together.

5) Blue & Red challenges:
On IOD, the red stay the same. The silver challenges are now part of the sea deck. On an anchor encounter roll a die, 1-6 draw a sea card 7-10 draw a silver card. If all of either type card has been drawn, draw the rest of the other color card until a reshuffle in needed. Then start rolling again to see which color is encountered. (defeating your first sea card challenge of either color earns that hero a blue 3 reward, this is the only time a blue 3 is given on a sea encounter.)
Rune, play the cards you want to include.
SOAK, keep the same.

6) Legendary Quests:
Play & complete these as explained in SOAK.

now here is where other ideas need tossed around.

I think the Legendary Quests should be modified to have an element from each board included to complete.

Should the objective be just to have a player’s Hero team have four completed Legendary Rewards on their quest tile in order to win the game? or should a red goal challenge be included also?

I think going to 1 of the 4 cities on the islands of IOD plus Tarianor, should be part of each quest, to make the Hero use the sea travel of IOD. Additionally each city should be assigned 1 of the 5 quest types. This will also make a Hero travel to at least 4 different locations.
Tarianor would be for Legendary Loactions, the other 4 cities assigned to one of the other 4 Legendary Quests types.
Also, should the dry land event be removed, to make movement to an island be by sea only? I do.
In addition, something should be used on the Rune board to complete a quest. I do.
Doing this makes the player play all 3 boards.

Thats my initial thoughts, what do you suggest?

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Rich Moore
United States
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You forgot the Midnight Board
OH, and you could also try multiple end-games from the different expansion decks wow
Seriously, I like Runebound and all, but man this sounds INTENSE (and like it would take a LONG time to play...). Also, on the IOD board, it's a bit harsh to expect a SILVER challenge 40% of the time. Nobody would go near the water until they were fully stacked.
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Wiz Wiz
United States
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Yes ....
It is wild.
I was responding to anothers post @ FFG for a large board expansion variant. I tossed this together in about 30 minutes.
I am not too sure I would play this myself. I was just trying to give them a variant. No posts were made with an idea, so I ventured 1.
Then I posted it here, to see other ideas from other players.
I didn't think through all of the ideas. I figured there would be flaws.
Midnight was left out because, 1) I don't have that game 2) I have seen many posts of games played with just 2 players & Midnight needs 3. So, I tossed something together that 2 can play.
But, what do you do on IOD to make the player use the sea travel multiple times?

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