Clay Meteyard
United Arab Emirates
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After receiving Carcassonne as a Xmas gift, my two girls (aged 7 & 5) absolutely loved it.

The simple tile laying and adding Meeples for points is such a simple mechanic and is great for kids and we've had a number of games since Xmas.

Then last weekend, I picked up simply for the fluff of it the Princess and Dragon expansion.

Surely what else would little girls like than a princess and a fire breathing dragon!!

So tonight we gave it our first attempt... my wife, the girls and I dived right in. After setting up the river, we proceeded to draw tiles and the girls really didn't worry about the threat of dragons.

That soon changed when early on a Volcano tile was drawn and it was placed by yours truly right amongst the meeples. I did this on purpose so that the girls would get right into it.

Soon enough, Dragon Wing tiles were being drawn and then with great delight to the girls, the Dragon munched on one of Daddy's Dastardly Black Meeples!!

Yay! they squealed and soon it was on. The Fairy was a great touch and soon enough the girls were into protecting their meeples and also were quick to remind me when they got "the bonus fairy point".

Amazingly enough, Miss 5 was streaking ahead and it got a bit competitive as the two girls continued to trade the Fairy on the whims of the Dragons moves.

In the meantime, Mum was building a nice cluster of features far away from the Dragon and she made sure to put any volcano's away from "Yellow Town" as she called it.

In the end it paid dividends as she rapidly cashed in a few towns and roads and the girls were left in her dust.

Overall it was a really fun session and turned a simple tile game into a random and mildly tactical game that wasn't too hard to grasp even for the little ones.

The only complaint was that the Princess looks like a Boy... but that's girls for you!

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Dan Cristelli
United States
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Glad to hear you like it!! This is an expansion that gets some pretty harsh reviews, but one that I rather enjoy. It's nice to see that the kids enjoyed this one as well!
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