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Subject: Rob's Zombies!! Survivor Rescue Special Elite Rules rss

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Rob Fletcher
United Kingdom
East Sussex
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Just thought i would add my 2p worth to the discussions on how to mend this dissappointing game (so few real choices, only who do I mess up with this card?)

No claims that this is unique, have just looked at the manafacturers website and seen the varients - but here goes . . .

Set Up
Each player starts with 6 life and 6 black cubes (bullets in a pistol) 2 cards and a random weapon card in play.

place the town square and 1 tile on each exit

remove the weapon cards and have them as a pile ready for anyone to use when they enter the building

put the helipad in the bottom 3rd of the deck

The game was designed to have only one each of certain "power cards" but 2 of each were printed. Reduce to 1 card each the following cards: Where Did Everybody Go, Bad Sense of Direction, Hysterical Paralysis, The Keys are Still In It, We're Screwed, Fear, Brain Cramp.

Aim of the game

rescue the most survivors - get them to the helipad

Tile placement

when you enter a tile with exits draw and place tiles to fill all exits, other players place zombies survivors life and bullet tokens (these represent a reload of 6 bullets)put all tokens face down.

1. move all zombies towards the nearest player on the same or adjacent tile, they ignore walls (they fall out of the windows!)
2. stand up fallen zombies
3. players move in order of who has most life (dice off if equal)
4. each player:
a. spends action points = to their life

reload (use 1 token to reload up to 6 bullets),
break in (enter a building not through a marked entrance, you and the zombies can move on any square on the tiles but you spend more actions to do this)

you fight hand to hand for free

b. discard and draw new cards - either 1 from the discard pile or draw 2 blind and discard 1, Ccan only play 1 card a turn, but can discard any amount, played cards are removed from the game.

Killing zombies
fight zombies on same square:
5-6 dead
3-4 knock back and down
2 lose 1 life
1 lose 1 life gain 1 infection

shoot zombies not in same square, spend 1 bullet
d6 to hit the range from you 1 sqaue is auto hit.

then to kill
5-6 dead
3-4 knock back and down
1-2 nothing

if attacking a fallen zombie either shooting or fighting

4-6 dead
1-2 no effect

on all these dice rolls can spend bullets to increase it to a better result, a 1 in hand to hand is always a bite and you gain an infection, even if you dont lose a life.

when each zombie is played roll d6, on a 6 they are a survivor, you collect a survivor move to the square next to it, at the end of your turn rearrange rescued survivors so that they are next to you ar next to a survivor who is next to you. They are turned into a zombie if a zombie moves onto their squre, replace with a fallen zombie 1 square away.

When you get 6 infection markers you are a zombie!!

Collect and Spend zombies
when you kill a zombie keep it, these can be used to give you extra actions up to the number of life you have.

Card changes
Medi kit - remove 1 infection
Keys are still in it - knock back each zombie you run into killing on a 5-6 these are not collected to be spent as others are.
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