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As I am a terrible mastermind and barely know what I'm doing with this set, any feedback on this is appreciated. The tragedy set seems to be geared toward pretty extreme combinations of loss conditions, but I'm not really sure if I've struck the right balance. I'm planning a playtest in a couple days, so I'll post how it goes.

Set: Weird Mythology
Loops: 5
Days: 6

Day 1 - Discovery
Day 2 - The Hounds Catch the Scent
Day 4 - Mass Suicide
Day 6 - Someone Has to Do It

Special Rules:

Spoiler (click to reveal)
Script Name: The Borromean Knot

The cult that controls the town is bad enough. The mayor’s daughter who learned too much is marked for death, and a patient imprisoned in the hospital is being prepared as a human sacrifice to summon an unspeakable evil. A doctor dabbling in the arcane and a journalist turned vigilante fight back as best they can, but what can they do against something of this scale?

And yet, in the shadows, an even more terrible pattern is taking shape. Unbeknownst to the cult, at the moment of his death, the patient’s mind escaped into the past, into a new body. There are three of him in this town now, all struggling to free his past self, his history twisted into an impossible knot. Standing behind him, the girl with red eyes silently laughs, and waits for there to be enough of him for the true ritual to begin.

Main Plot: Chorus to an Outer God
Subplot 1: The Great Race
Subplot 2: The Faceless God

Patient - Sacrifice (undying)
Doctor - Wizard
Shrine Maiden - Person
Office Worker - Time Traveler (undying)
Journalist - Serial Killer
Pop Idol - Person
Police Officer - Person
Boy Student - Immortal (undying)
Girl Student - Faceless (undying, optional goodwill refusal)
Rich Man's Daughter - Key Person

Day 1 - Discovery (Rich Man’s Daughter)
Day 2 - The Hounds Catch the Scent (Boy Student)
Day 4 - Mass Suicide (Patient)
Day 6 - Someone Has to Do It (Journalist)

Victory conditions for the mastermind:
Raising the EX gauge to 4 (Madness)
Killing the Key Person (Mass Suicide, Serial Killer)
Killing the Wizard (Mass Suicide, Serial Killer)
Killing the protagonists (Sacrifice, The Hounds Catch the Scent)
2 or less goodwill on the Time Traveler at loop end (Time Traveler)
5 surviving characters with 1 intrigue at loop end (Chorus to an Outer God)

About the script:
The plots themselves aren’t particularly hard to expose, but the list of loss conditions is frightening, so the focus is on uncovering the roles before time runs out. The protagonists will be crushed with overwhelming force unless they start moving the EX gauge and manipulate the incidents to their advantage. Is it even possible to win this without the Final Guess? I think it is, but I’m not actually sure.

Hints for the mastermind:
On Day 1, play +2 intrigue on the Boy Student and +1 intrigue on the Rich Man’s Daughter. After Hounds triggers, follow up with Mass Suicide to kill the protagonists. Since Mass Suicide counts as triggered whether it kills anyone or not, don’t put any intrigue on the Patient so that you can hide his role.

If Hounds is successfully blocked, try to kill the Rich Man’s Daughter and (as a backup) the Doctor with Mass Suicide. The Patient will be revealed as Undying, but not as the Sacrifice unless you’re forced to trigger the incident with intrigue.

When this stops working, you’ll have to rely on the Chorus loss condition and any tricks you can get away with involving the Girl Student. Ideally the EX gauge should be at 2 by the time this becomes an issue so that the Girl Student can spread intrigue. When EX < 2, you can force the Discovery incident to happen, so try to judge the correct timing if the protagonists don’t push the gauge for you. For the loss condition, prioritize intrigue on characters who can’t safely be killed off with Someone Has to Do It.

The roles to hide are the Immortal and the Serial Killer. Try to keep suspects from being killed off by incidents and don’t let the Journalist be alone with the Boy Student if you can help it. The Sacrifice’s ability is also off limits for that reason. Make sure to block the Shrine Maiden’s goodwill ability.

There’s probably an alternate strategy where you use the Sacrifice and hide the Key Person, but I haven’t put a lot of thought into it.

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